«Samopomich» will return to the court due to the inactivity of the CEC in the matter of elections to the district Council of Kiev

«Samopomich» today, 8 February, will file an appeal with the court concerning the inactivity of the Central election Commission in the organization of elections of deputies to district councils of Kyiv. About this during the briefing said the Chairman of the faction «Association «Samopomich» in the city Council Sergey Gusovsky, UNIAN reports.

He noted that «never in the history of independent Ukraine was not such that any court decision suspended the elections». «This has never happened before, and this is the first time this has precedential effect when the decision of the District administrative court of Kiev suspending the elections to the district councils in the city of Kiev», — said Gusovsky.

In addition, he added that the Central election Commission does not perform its functions envisaged by the Constitution of Ukraine and laws of Ukraine». «It should ensure the continuous running of the elections. Must ensure that elections to district councils in Kyiv was held in the order in which the laws and the decision of the Kyiv city Council,» — said the Chairman of the faction, and expressed the opinion that the CEC does not perform this», and instead «performs purely clerical function» and is «inactive».

So, Gusovsky said that «on this we will go to court today with a lawsuit regarding the inaction of the Central election Commission».

City Council member also noted that «we have sent an open letter to the President of Ukraine… which we ask him to pay maximum attention to the processes that are taking place, processes that are associated with litigation in General and with political crisis».

In turn, the Chairman of the faction «Svoboda» in Kyiv city Council Yury Sirotyuk expressed the view that developments around local self-government in Kyiv «cross out all those rhetorical statements of the authorities in Ukraine on decentralization». «Can we talk about decentralization in Ukraine, when in parts of the city of Kiev, which are the largest districts in the country direct presidential rule? Where appointed by decree of the President of the heads of district administrations do not pay attention to the opinion of the citizens,» he said.

Syrotiuk emphasized the need for legal, political and public campaigns, to «protect the right of citizens to local self-government».

The Chairman of the Kiev branch of political party «DILL» Dmytro Simansky said that the elections to the district Council of Kiev are «a landmark point where it is visible as authorities in all efforts, using any tools, the pressure on the court to bribery, adrendaline, trying to save, preserve yourself.» «I am convinced that they will not succeed», he added.

At the same time, the Chairman of the Kiev organization of party «Democratic Alliance» Anastasia Semchuk noted that, «obviously, we will uphold the elections to district councils in the judicial process.»

In addition, the Chairman of the Kyiv city organization of the party «Civic position» Alexey Gritsenko, in particular, expressed the view that «the city authorities are doing everything… not to create the mechanism, when the community will be able to work and defend their way».

Deputy Chairman of the regional branch of the party «Republic» in Kiev Artem Nikolenko emphasized that the obstruction of the election district in Kiev is a «blatant manipulation and the collapse of democracy.» Also Deputy Chairman of the Kiev organization «Syla liudey» Roman Mikhailov pointed out that there was a «real local self-government», scheduled for March 27 regional elections should be held and become a «transition stage to formation of new system of city management».

To clarify exactly who will be the plaintiff in the case of inaction of the CEC, Gusovsky said that «we have the opportunity, every political force, act separately and acting together». «So I am sure that all political forces make such a claim, but it will be directly formulated each political force,» he said.

As reported, on July 23, 2015 the city Council adopted a resolution «On the management of the city of Kiev», which identified the lines of authority 10 district councils in Kyiv, and appointed the first election of such district Council members on 27 March 2016.

The CEC announced the start of the process for elections of deputies of regional councils of Kiev on 6 February 2016.

February 5, the District administrative court of Kiev ruled that the CEC should refrain from the preparation and holding of the first election of deputies of the regional councils in Kyiv on 27 March 2016.

«Samopomich» will return to the court due to the inactivity of the CEC in the matter of elections to the district Council of Kiev 08.02.2016

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