«Samopomich» is defined, whether there will be faction in the coalition

The Association «Samopomich» is planning to announce its decision on the further stay of the factions in the coalition Monday, February 18, after the meeting of the parties. About it after negotiations with the President, said Chairman of the faction «Samopomich» Oleg Berezyuk, RBC-Ukraine online reports.

Now the fraction is in the final stages of decision making in response to megalomania coalition for the resignation of the government of Arseniy Yatsenyuk.

«Faction «Samopomich» and the party «Samopomich» now in the final stages of deciding on our reaction to it. But it will be hard and government reaction,» said Berezyuk.

He promised that the decision of the party will be announced on Thursday, February 18.

In addition, Oleg Berezyuk discussed with the President the situation in the faction and the coalition in General. He reported about it on Wednesday night.

«I think the President wanted to hear the position of our faction», — said Berezyuk.

To clarify, did it Poroshenko, Berezyuk said, «No.»

«We told the President that the country has experienced a coup d’etat. The government humiliated the Parliament. We can’t just leave it, and so the fraction of 12 hours in session, to plan their actions», — said Berezyuk.

«Samopomich» is defined, whether there will be faction in the coalition 18.02.2016

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