«Samopomich» complained to the Prosecutor General that the system «Rada» them «ignores»

Deputies from «Samopomich» registered the request in the GPU because of possible interference in the work of the parliamentary system «Rada». About it on February 22, 2016 to the MP Anna Romanova, transfers «Ukrainian truth».

According to her, during the hour of questions to the government not a single MP from «Samopomoch» or «Fatherland» could not ask questions of the Ministers.

«Electronic system «is Glad» somehow «randomly» selected only Pro-government deputies from the «PPO», «NF» and Poblocka», — said the Deputy.

Because of this, «Samopomich» has raised concern about possible intervention in the system «Rada», which has been exacerbated by the fact that during the voting for the resignation of the government, the program «is not Tarahumara the voice of the Deputy from «Samopomich» Elena Sotnik«.

«Deputies from «Samopomich» registered Deputy application to the GPU in order to conduct the investigation into the deliberate interference in an electronic system «Rada», — said Romanov.

We will remind, on February 18 faction «Samopomich» formally withdrew from the ruling parliamentary coalition «European Ukraine», and the 19th — declared transition in opposition.

«Samopomich» complained to the Prosecutor General that the system «Rada» them «ignores» 22.02.2016

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