«Sambir experiment»: what you’ll be doing a patrol in the villages

The reform has reached villages — soon in three oblasts, Lviv, Kharkiv and Kyiv, there will be new patrol. This day was declared by the head of the interior Ministry Arsen Avakov. According to him, now introduced a new system of responding to calls.

As explained Today in the Ministry of internal Affairs, the regional departments will create rapid response teams that will patrol the area by sector. «This will help to reduce out time on the call. Now in the three areas will be introduced so-called «Sambir experiment», which was recognized as successful», — explained to us in a press-Department service. This name was born as the testing of a new patrol scheme launched in June 2015 the city of Sambor of the Lvov region, where the number of police officers on the streets increased due to the reduction of employees in the offices. That is, besides the district police officer who arrives on the call, there was a patrol, which included assistance to citizens, for example, medical and learning needs of the population.

Now implement this system in other regions of Ukraine. Presentation of the new scheme of patrols in the Kiev region has already taken place. «We also tested in the summer in Vasylkiv and Obukhiv, later joined Kagarlyk and fastow. So, check out on call could be reduced to 7-10 minutes, the speaker said the police in the Kyiv region Nikolay Zhukovich. — Now in region launched 83 rapid response team, and in the future there should be 111″.

According to law enforcement, such a system would not only speed up the arrival on the scene of the crime and its investigation. Because the most frequently committed crimes in villages — it is theft, fraud and disorderly conduct. «When the patrol are constantly in their sector, this speeds up the investigation in hot pursuit and questioning of the residents,» says Zhukovich.

In addition, as explained in the communication Department of the regional administration of Kharkov police, with each «cluster» of regional Department of the region, in addition to sector rapid response will provide and the sector of preventive activity. There are different and precinct inspectors: they will do their best to prevent crimes.

«Each district will form the sectors in the light of the crime situation and the number of the population. The regional departments will take into account other subtleties: for each area the approach is different, but in General the number of personnel involved in patrolling will be increased several times», — says Deputy head of division of communications of the regional Department of the police Oksana Kalmykova.

According to her, all the work of patrol officers in areas of serious technical support, in particular, a new intelligent system Ricas. «All police officers will be equipped with special tablets, where information about an offence and is processed by the system. This will greatly increase the chances to solve the crime in hot pursuit,» says Kalmykova.

«Sambir experiment»: what you’ll be doing a patrol in the villages 03.02.2016

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