Sales of new cars in Ukraine in January increased by 23%

Sales of new passenger cars in Ukraine in January 2016 increased by 23% compared with the same month in 2015 – up to 3,183 thousand units, informs the Association «Ukrautoprom».

At the same time, compared with December last year, sales decreased by 41.3%, but last year’s December became one of the most successful months of sales for the entire year. At the same time, in January of last year the market of new passenger cars declined 4.6% against January-2014.

According to the Association, the leader in January this year Toyota with the indicator 303 of the vehicle, which was 68% higher than sales January-2015, when it occupied the fourth place ranking.

The second position went to Nissan (in January-2015 was in the lead in sales) – cars of this brand are sold 282 units (17% less).

Third place ranking went to the car Renault, whose sales grew by 30% to 261% (in January last year – second place).

In fourth place Volkswagen with an index of 227 cars sold and a gain of 67% (in January-2015 – seventh place). In January 2015, this position was occupied by Toyota.

According to the Association, on the fifth line of the rating with the 13th in January 2015 reached sales of Russian cars VAZ – sold 188 units, twice as many as in January 205.

At the same time, according to the information-analytical group AUTO-Consulting, resumed sales in Ukraine VAZ in January came on the sixth place (from 13th in January 2015) with 173 cars sold, and the fifth position, as in the past year, is Mazda.

Overall, according to analysts of group, in January sales of new passenger cars increased by 19% to January-2015 — to 3,047 thousand units, and the four leaders coincides with defined by the Association «Ukrautoprom».

AUTO-Consulting also notes the phenomenal success of BMW — German brand in January could improve their sales by four times and climb to the eighth position in the ranking from 19th in aware-2105.

«But Hyundai is losing influence, despite the release of the new Tucson. While the Korean brand has come out and «grey» dealers who started to import Solaris from Russia», — experts say.

In January, the brand increased sales by 11.7% to 134 units, but dropped to ninth place from seventh in January 2015.

Another sensation in the AUTO-Consulting called the 15% decline of sales of cars ZAZ. «As a result, for the first time in the last decade ZAZ left the Top 10 of the Ukrainian market and has moved to 12th place with sales (94 cars), commensurate with a premium brand Mercedes-Benz.

Market experts tentatively predict the growth of sales of passenger cars in Ukraine in 2015 to 55 to 58 thousand units (in 2015, according to AUTO-Consulting 46,44 sold thousand of units).

The Association «Ukrautoprom» also informs that in January this year in Ukraine at 66.4 per cent increased the initial registration of commercial vehicles up to 451 units (leader – Russian GAS, with a sales increase of more than doubled to 79%). Registration of buses increased 2.4 times, up to 179 units (lead buses ATAMAN of production of PJSC «Cherkassy bus» to sell 50 buses to three in January 2015).

As reported, sales of new passenger cars in Ukraine by the end of 2015 decreased by 52% to 46,546 thousand units.

Sales of new cars in Ukraine in January increased by 23% 02.02.2016

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