Sales of new buses in Ukraine for the year has doubled, and the share of Russian Grooves on the market increased 25.2%

The market of new buses in Ukraine in December 2016 has increased compared to the same period of the previous year by 2.3 times. In December, there were 195 sales of new buses. Sales of new buses in 2016 has doubled compared to the year 2015 – up to 1293 units.

According to a post on the website of the Association «Ukrautoprom» on Friday, January 6, the leader of sales in Ukraine by the end of 2016, had become a Russian PAZ buses (released Pavlovsky bus plant of GAZ group), which sold 401 units – 11 times more than the previous year, i.e. the proportion of the GROOVE on the Ukrainian market of new buses for the year increased from 5.8% to 31%.

The second place on sales in Ukraine took a bus Ataman (production of PJSC «Cherkassy bus»), which was 257 units (80% more). In 2015, the brand also took second place with the sale of 143 buses.

The bus «Ruta» (released chasov bus factory on the chassis of GAZelle), the sale of which was in the lead in 2015, took third place in the rating, and their sales fell 10.6%, to 144 units.

Significantly (7.4%) increased sales in Ukraine of «Bogdan» buses – to 111 units, which allowed them to move to fourth place in sales, and increase share from 2.3 per cent in 2015 to 8.6% at the end of last year.

Sales of standard buses fell by 4.7% — to 82 units, buses I-VAN (produces the Corporation «UkrAVTO») increased by 13% to 52 units.

The top ten also includes sales of the Russian GAS (42 units, 38% less), UAZ (36 units, 3.6 times more) and the Belarusian MAZ (34 units, 2.6 times more), and closes the top ten buses Mercedes-Benz, which sold 32 units (eight times more).

The Association also informs that in December 2016, Ukraine has sold the 195 bus, which is 2.3 times the amount in December 2015, the Russian GROOVE has become a market leader with a share of 32.3%: sold 63 units (6.3 times more).

The second position with a share of 21% of «Bogdan» buses, which was 41 units, while in December 2015 was not sold a single bus of this brand.

The sales of buses Ataman in December fell by a third to 22 units, but came in third place in the rating.

As the «Interfax-Ukraine», the leadership of PAZ buses in the Ukrainian market in the first place guaranteed at the expense of lower prices compared with domestic appliances.

The Association «Ukrautoprom», which unites Ukrainian producers of motor vehicles, filed a complaint with the Ministry of economic development and trade of Ukraine on the discriminatory actions of the Russian GAZ group on the Ukrainian bus market, and hopes to initiate in the near future anti-subsidy investigation.

According to the applicants, the GAZ Group is actively working on the Ukrainian market at the expense of subsidies from the Central budget of the Russian Federation and various forms of unfair competition.

Note, in Ukraine there is a boom in demand for used cars. In Association «Ukravtoprom» claim that only the number of «second-hand», which first went on record in the interior Ministry, has increased in 10 times. And that means only one thing: the Ukrainian car market began to actively fill with cars.

Sales of new buses in Ukraine for the year has doubled, and the share of Russian Grooves on the market increased 25.2% 06.01.2017

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