Sakvarelidze: the Tent city at BP will stand and continue, but the «movement novih forces» will focus on work in the regions

Tent camp near the Parliament, organized by the supporters of the party leader «movement novih forces» of Mikhail Saakashvili and other organizations will remain, but the party will focus on work in the regions. About this in Facebook 8 Jan wrote a political force member David Sakvarelidze.

He noted that except for supporters of the «Movement novih forces,» in the camp there are representatives of several other public organizations and the «movement for vizvolennya», which consists of veterans of the ATO.

«We agreed that the tent city under the Parliament as a symbol of constant public pressure on the government will stand further. However, each movement has its stages. «Movement novih forces» thinks is right to focus its cells «in the fields» (areas, villages, cities) where the power of Facebook does not hold. Since the main center of political pressure has moved to the Maidan in our marches against lawlessness and impunity, «movement novih forces» considers it necessary to strengthen and expand our movement, building a strong organization, at the right time to protect the cast for the new Ukraine to vote. We were able to create a strong revolutionary core, but as a party we are still in an accelerated mode must strengthen the infrastructure to participate in early elections, which we are going to achieve,» wrote Sakvarelidze.

He said that «in desperation the secret services» tried to get into the camp of his people.

«We, fortunately, it is possible to calculate them. They wanted to make chaos in the camp, to throw false information or to clarify themselves. In recent days there have also been attempts to «take power» in the camp of «internal coup». The camp was trying to show as a bunch of a bunch of misfits. We are with our friends, the battalion «Donbass» and other veterans of anti-terrorist operation, decided to forestall any provocations. To do this in the first place to increase the number of camp residents to tested by us previously optimal. These people will strictly observe discipline and order, preventing provocations,» — said the politician.

He noted that «movement novih forces» will «switch to active work in the regions» to prepare the «millions» March for impeachment and to work on «optimization of the structure of the camp to avoid his discredit».

Sakvarelidze: the Tent city at BP will stand and continue, but the «movement novih forces» will focus on work in the regions 09.01.2018

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