Sakvarelidze: NABOO is a personal enemy and threat to the authorities

The Ukrainian authorities are using administrative resources to protect their own interests, has declared to the edition «GORDON» the member of political Council of the «Movement novih forces,» former Deputy Prosecutor General of Ukraine David Sakvarelidze, commenting on the failure of the operation to NAB in relation to the Deputy head of the state migratory service.

«This is a demonstration of the cynicism of the government, which is trying to protect itself in any way and uses an administrative resource. While Ukraine is breaking all international records in terms of corruption, is in a state of war, security service, immigration, border and other services trying to destroy the only independent body of NABOO. You need to understand that the NEB is a personal enemy and a threat to the authorities. So before the election they want to remove all obstacles. Everyone knows that the Bureau has no system of wiretapping. Central terminal is located in the building of the SBU. That is, the Bureau does not have the ability to fully manage investigations, because of the SBU knows who they are listening to. What we can say, if detained seven employees of NABOO, who are really fighting corruption?» – said Sakvarelidze.

In his view, to discredit the employees of the NABU will fail.

«Ukraine today is run by vindictive termites that will devour the country. The SBU and the GPU deliberately prevented the operation of NABOO. They actually agreed with the observation object. I think she leaked information in exchange for cooperation with the SBU. And, of course, she gladly agreed to it. I would place the NAB opened new criminal proceedings in connection with the disclosure of the secrecy of the investigation and sabotage. While the security service and the GPU to protect the government, no adequate structures in the country have no future will not. The detained employees of NABU managed to prove themselves well. To discredit them in the eyes of the people will not succeed», – said Sakvarelidze.

On 29 November, the press service of the state migratory service have informed that at attempt of transfer of a bribe of $15 thousand to Deputy Minister Dina emahool the SBU detained agent NABU.

TSN citing its own sources in law enforcement bodies has informed that SBU together with prosecutors of the Prosecutor General’s office conducted searches of agents of NABOO. On 30 November the head of the Bureau Sytnyk and head of the Specialized anti-corruption prosecutors Nazar Golodnitsky denied it. Press Secretary of the Prosecutor General Larisa Sargan said that the searches were carried out, but not in the NABOO.

NABU said that the GPU and the SBU illegally intervened in the operation of the National anti-corruption Bureau aimed at identifying participants of an organized criminal group in the State migration service of Ukraine, and called such actions of law enforcement «sabotage».

Pimanova said that a few months ago, I met a man who introduced himself as an officer of the Arab investment Fund «Mubadala» Sergei Tsitsyankou. According to her, he tried to engage with her a friendly relationship. Pimanova said that this person over several months of meetings and asked her to solve a number of issues related to «illegal legalization of foreign citizens on the territory of Ukraine», but she refused. The Deputy Chairman of the state migratory service added that during the arrest instead learned that he has to NABOO and he has documents in the name of Sergei Boyarsky.

«The censor.Is NOT present» reported that the SBU detained seven employees of NABOO, who was working undercover, among them – «agent Caterina», known for the case against the deputies Maksym Polyakov (people’s front) and Borislav Rosenblatt (independent), and also a member of the NABOO nobility.

The head of the NABOO Artem Sytnik told that the operation of the Bureau in respect of Emahool lasted from the spring of 2017, detectives documented «a lot of criminal acts». After a meeting with Prosecutor General Yury Lutsenko, he assured that detectives would not hold. Sytnik said that the staff of the NEB documented the fact of bribery a few months ago, although she Pimanova written statement to the SBU, which refers only to the fact of provocation of a bribe.

Today Sargan reported that the GPU raided the agent NABOO Kateryna Sikorska. She did not specify whether we are talking about the «agent Caterina».

Sakvarelidze: NABOO is a personal enemy and threat to the authorities 01.12.2017

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