Sadalsky the «cocaine case» in Argentina: Gundyaev vodka duty free import, and the coke

Actor Stanislav Sadalsky commented in his blog the reaction of the ROC to the detention in Argentina on suspicion of smuggling cocaine by diplomatic mail of the head of the Foundation for MORAL (Mecenas Ortodoxos Rusos En Latin America, «Russian Orthodox patrons of art in Latin America») Ivan Bliznyuk.

«They are in the incense filled coke. Ivan Bliznyuk, who was arrested for «cocaine case», was the head of the Foundation of Orthodox patrons of art in Latin America. ROC stood up for the patron Bliznyuk, considering it a provocation of the Embassy staff. About times, about customs! Everything was going on Blagodarnoe business! Gundyaev (the head of the Russian Orthodox Church Kirill. – «GORDON») vodka duty free import, and the coke,» he wrote.

February 22, Argentine media reported that the law enforcement agencies of Argentina and Russia conducted a joint operation and not given to establish a drug trafficking via the Russian Embassy in Buenos Aires.

The Russians, who organized a scheme to smuggle diplomatic mail from Argentina to Russia 389 kilograms of cocaine worth about €50 million, declared wanted through Interpol.

The investigation began in December 2016, when the Russian Ambassador in Argentina Victor koronelli found 12 suitcases with drugs in the building of the Embassy school.

In the case of the trafficking of drugs arrested a former employee of the Embassy in Argentina Ali Abjanov and came for the Luggage, Vladimir Kalmykov and Istimer Justnow. In Argentina arrested Bliznyuk and Alexander Chica, which is listed as the Fund managers MORAL.

In a statement on the website of the honorary Consul of the Russian Federation in the city of Mar del Plata Chica and Bliznyuk named among the guests at the reception Russian Orthodox parish.

The detained officer of the Argentine police Bliznyuk, according to media reports, purchased the cocaine, which was planned to smuggle through the Russian Embassy. He is Vice-President of the Foundation MORAL. To the airport carrying suitcases with cocaine Chicano – President of the Foundation for MORAL.

Sadalsky the «cocaine case» in Argentina: Gundyaev vodka duty free import, and the coke 28.02.2018

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