Saakashvili’s storming of the October Palace: It was pure provocation to discredit our peaceful protest

The leader of the «Movement novih forces» Mikhail Saakashvili’s comments to NewsOne TV channel called the storm the October Palace in Kiev a provocation.

«I was approached by Yegor Sobolev (people’s Deputy from «Samopomich». – «GORDON») and said that there was agreement that in the October Palace has rooms, and on the way we can go, to fix what we have, and then go to Parliament as planned. I think that Egor is here too tripped, because I gave it to the people, we went there, and there, instead of the administration, instead of the usual civil building, we were greeted by a huge number of national guards, and from all sides came to the people,» – said the politician.

He said that firecrackers during the rally threw a provocateur, which activists immediately took to the side.

Saakashvili added that once he and his supporters realized that none of the administration officials is waiting for them, and the building hosts a concert, urged people not to storm the October Palace.

«And even now there is talk that Saakashvili led the people to storm the October Palace. Yes, what nonsense! What us October Palace? What we could do if we captured him? What do we do with the Palace? What is it? The headquarters of the revolution? We settle in for the winter? What is the General nonsense! Who popped into your head?» he said.

Saakashvili apologized to those who were in the October Palace concert: «It was pure provocation with a common goal – to discredit our peaceful protest. So, first, I just want to apologize to those people who were inside, if they were nervous, because there was blown up firecrackers, firecrackers. I took people as quickly as possible to not participate in this, but I just want to say I am completely on the side of these people.»

The politician added that he «strongly condemns any attempt to seize any buildings.»

Today Saakashvili during a March «For impeachment,» said that the protesters organized the staff of the October Palace. He invited his supporters to go there and said that he would go in the head of the column.

Member of the Board of the Ministry of internal Affairs, the Deputy of the Verkhovna Rada from the «popular front» Anton Gerashchenko noted that Saakashvili’s supporters want to seize the building, which at the moment are children’s matinees. He said that the police would not allow provocations.

Near the October Palace supporters gathered Saakashvili. Clashes began with security forces.

Saakashvili called on the protesters to unblock the October Palace and go to the Verkhovna Rada.

The protesters had dispersed. Police opened two criminal proceedings on the fact of assault. According to doctors, during the assault, suffered 10 militiamen and about 20 protesters.

On the website of the October Palace, it is reported that it hosted a concert of the Glenn Miller orchestra. It started at 15.00 and ended already.

Saakashvili’s storming of the October Palace: It was pure provocation to discredit our peaceful protest 18.12.2017

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