Saakashvili wrote an open letter Poroshenko: I offered to look for a solution. Instead, you published a personal note

The leader of the «Movement novih forces» Michael Saakashvili has published a new open letter to the President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko, in which he confirmed that he wrote a personal note to the head of state with a proposal to go on the negotiation process.

The text of the letter Saakshvili published in Facebook.

«The events of recent days compel me to write you an open letter. Our relationship began as a friendship. But has now reached the state when we are on different sides of the barricades. Not only political, but I would even say philosophical. And I understand that this letter is unlikely to change anything in our relations», – noted ex-the President of Georgia.

According to Saakashvili, he sent Poroshenko a personal note, after consultations with the ambassadors of friendly States.

«I confirmed that he is ready to talk with you or with your representative. To negotiate the future of Ukraine and prevent the destabilization of the situation in the country. Only this can be subject to our agreements. Only the fate of Ukraine today is really important… the Political crisis led Ukraine to the brink of a very serious dramatic events, I sincerely would like to avoid», – he said.

He assured that in his last personal letter, there is nothing secret, however, to publish the text was unethical on the part of Poroshenko.

«I suggest you work together to find solutions to the conflict. But instead, you published my personal note to you. I don’t mind. There is nothing that I would like to hide. But you’ve shown that you have no honor. You have not answered this letter. However, your administration organized a provocation near the October Palace. Admit I fell for this provocation», – he stressed.

The leader of the «Movement novih forces» apologized for the events under the October Palace and added that it would be for them to bear political responsibility.

«Your provocation was very simple. Someone from your surroundings misinformed of my colleagues, in the October Palace gave us several rooms to create a coordinating staff to release volunteers-participants of the ATO, detained during protests in front of Parliament. I called people to go to our headquarters. Not storm, not something to break or fight. When I saw that in October we are waiting for the security forces, I have made every effort to avoid collisions. And you were hoping that they will be», – he said.

Saakashvili added that the National guard was at the Palace an hour before the start of the rally.

«You’ve published my letter, accusing me of lying. Allegedly Saakashvili spoke about the peace talks, and he went to the October storm, when there was a concert. Therefore, today’s letter will be open. Let us judge all those who read it», – he said.

According to the politician, Ukraine is in a difficult situation and Poroshenko wants to go down in history the founder of the new Ukraine.

«Most likely, you will become the biggest disappointment and anti-hero for Ukrainians. You do not want to implement reforms that are vital to Ukraine. You fundamentally do not believe in them… I was wrong when I believed that you invited me to Ukraine to help you to build a country. But really you only care about one thing – your billions. And for them you are ready to make any sacrifice, manipulation and lies,» wrote Saakashvili.

He added that it is not for the President to be the main threat, and most of all for Poroshenko and his entourage threat.

«Your main threat and the enemy – your endless greed, which will not tolerate the people of Ukraine. If you stretch to the end of his presidential term, you will make more mistakes and crimes. Don’t forget that for a long time not 1998 when you came into politics together with Viktor Medvedchuk and Leonid Kuchma. Then few people were interested where you got their capital and what exactly did you do», he said.

Saakashvili warned that a third Maidan is very dangerous for the President.

«People are very radical. People are willing to take up arms and come at you in assault. As Viktor Yanukovych. But Yanukovych had a place to run and hide. It might have saved him and many more lives. You also have nowhere to run… I still believe in your mind. You can think about that you don’t have to risk his life or the lives of millions of Ukrainians, which you have made hostages of this political crisis. Today I inform you about an open, public way. To exclude the possibility of any manipulation,» he called.

The politician added that the voluntary resignation of Poroshenko’s last chance to overcome the political crisis.

«Part of your dedicated colleagues in the informal conversations they say that you have long lost the sense of reality. Now they are waiting for the moment when to begin to save themselves, many are looking for alternate airports. I hope that if not the political wisdom, at least to human sense of security will tell you the right decision. This decision will save not only you but also many people, whose fate is closely connected with Ukraine,» – concluded Saakashvili.

Saakashvili wrote an open letter Poroshenko: I offered to look for a solution. Instead, you published a personal note 20.12.2017

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