Saakashvili said that the forces are getting ready to «protect» the local elections

The head of the Odessa regional state administration Mikhail Saakashvili said that since the rigged elections on 25 October in the Odessa region will be fighting the newly created special forces. He said this on air of «channel 5» on Thursday evening.

«In Odessa there were always elections are rigged. Always been muscular guys were always a fee, always had some special areas, (…) where all commissions are traditionally rigged. Everyone knows that,» said Saakashvili.

He recalled that in the field for the preparation of falsification have detained three officials.

«And now we have created a very good special forces. Tomorrow we will submit. Brand new. This is nowhere more in the regions of Ukraine was not. (…) They will be prepared to train for some sort of «adventure» in elections: somewhere in the night the light suddenly turns off, any little messes, «nix», that won’t fly. And for the first time I can say in Odessa, we will hold fair elections,» Saakashvili said.

In addition, the head of Odessa region declared that would like to make Odessa new Barcelona. «For me Odessa is the new Barcelona on the Black sea,» he said.

Earlier it was reported that in Odessa at the local elections the registered candidate Georgi Putin. 27-year-old man of Odessa regional registered by the Commission on elections in a regional Council from party «new power». From the same political forces, that person is a candidate in deputies of the Odessa city Council.

Saakashvili said that the forces are getting ready to «protect» the local elections 16.10.2015

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