Saakashvili said that in the near future will not collect marches

The leader of the party «movement novih forces,» Mikheil Saakashvili said that in the near future will appeal to many marches over the events of the Oktyabrsky Palace in Central Kiev. He reported about it on air of TV channel ZIK.

«Until we make more clear the mechanism of prevention of provocations, I am not going to call in the next few days to the big marches, because today we saw that we are vulnerable to such provocations,» Saakashvili said.

Today the leader of the «Movement novih forces» Mikhail Saakashvili during a March «For impeachment,» said that the protesters organized the staff of the October Palace. The building came supporters of the policy, began clashes with security forces.

Saakashvili called on the protesters to unblock the October Palace and go to the Verkhovna Rada. After some time, the protesters dispersed.

According to the police of Kiev, the clashes at the October Palace injured 32 police officers.

Saakashvili called the situation a provocation to discredit the peaceful protest. «Rusi novih forces,» said went to the October Palace, «to support the claim of the wives of the Ukrainian military personnel to gain access to the two rooms» in the building to create his office.

On the website of the October Palace, it is reported that it hosted a concert of the Glenn Miller orchestra. It started at 15.00 and ended already.

Saakashvili said that in the near future will not collect marches 18.12.2017

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