Saakashvili could agree on their removal from the Ukrainian government – the media

The return of the leader of the «Movement novih forces» of Mikhail Saakashvili to Ukraine is unlikely. On 30 March reported with reference to sources in the party.

According to the publication, the environment Saakashvili «there are suspicions that the whole «link to Europe» was designed and agreed with him ourselves.»

«His guard the day before, for some, already obvious reasons, has weakened. It is possible that it was a mutual decision,» – said the source in the leadership of the «Movement of new forces.»

According to him, most likely, Saakashvili will focus on the «Georgian scenario».

«Moreover, that his political force in Parliament, and in Georgia, the situation is such that there is more than we have possible changes and elections,» – said the source.

The member of the political Council of the «Movement novih forces» Ivan Slobodyanik has denied such information, citing the fact that Saakashvili «was, is and will be the leader of their movement.»

«Who can replace? So the question is not even raised. Although he has always insisted that among us there is a new person, a policy, a request to which the Ukrainian society is very large. Therefore, we will work on party construction, including, it is important to raise the regions. Work, believe me, no end», – he stressed.

12 Feb Saakashvili expelled to Poland as a person who illegally arrived in the territory on 10 September 2017.

In Warsaw the leader of the «Movement novih forces» said that the expulsion of the President Petro Poroshenko, who in July 2017 stripped of his Ukrainian citizenship. According to the politician, in Europe, it will make it so that the head of state «will not find».

Saakashvili has filed a lawsuit in the District administrative court of Kiev with the requirement to recognize the illegal detention and expulsion from Ukraine.

On 14 February the former President of Georgia arrived in the Netherlands. The authorities handed him the ID. Ukrainian authorities have banned leader of the «Movement novih forces» entering the country until 2021.

The Prosecutor General’s office suspects Saakashvili in Russia, about $500 thousand for a financing of rallies for the overthrow of the Ukrainian government. March 12, criminal proceedings in respect of the policy was suspended.

On March 18, Saakashvili warned that it can come into Ukraine «at any time».

Saakashvili could agree on their removal from the Ukrainian government – the media 31.03.2018

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