Saakashvili calls on the PPO to leave the coalition. Leshchenko said about the counterrevolution of oligarchs

The Governor of Odessa region Mikheil Saakashvili believes that the country has seen oligarchic coup. About this he wrote on his page in Facebook.

Leshenko: oligarchic counter-revolution, conspiracy

«As after the failure of the Orange revolution came to power Yanukovych, Akhmetov and other oligarchs, leaving their votes, the government again took control of the situation,» wrote the Governor.

He called for «BPP» to leave the coalition.

«Batkivshchyna withdrew from the coalition, the same thing is going to do and Samopomich, in this situation, to remain in the coalition would be a serious mistake Blok Petro Poroshenko», — he noted.

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Mikheil Saakashvili published on 17 February 2016

According to the Governor, to remain in the coalition — will mean that even those members of faction who voted for the resignation of the government, in case of withdrawal from the coalition, take full formal responsibility «for yesterday’s oligarchic coup».

Recall, 16 January the Verkhovna Rada listened to the report of the Prime Minister Arseniy Yatsenyuk on the government’s work in 2015, dismissed him, acknowledging that the work is not satisfactory, but during the vote of no confidence in the government has gained only 194 votes with the required 226. A new vote on this issue is possible only at the next session, which will begin in September.

February 17, faction «Batkivshchyna» announced its withdrawal from the coalition, and «Samopomich» refused to attend meetings of the Parliament. In September 2015 the coalition of the left «Radical party».

Without the BYuT representatives and «radicals» in the coalition «European Ukraine» will remain 243 MPs.

Leshenko: oligarchic counter-revolution, conspiracy

The Deputy from BPP Sergey Leshchenko said that the Cabinet of Ministers Arseniy Yatsenyuk remained in power because of the collusion of representatives of the state and the oligarchic elites.

«The eyes of the whole of the country comes oligarchic counter-revolution. Is the arrangement,» he said from the rostrum of the Verkhovna Rada, commenting on the parliamentary events of Tuesday.

«This cynical participants in this conspiracy are government officials, and representatives of the opposition. Unfortunately, the Petro Poroshenko Bloc also became a participant in this conspiracy,» said Leshchenko.

«Instead of having to send the government in resignation, we have kept this government in power. Instead of doing the reboot and cleanse, we are creating some kind of illusion, which only delays the collapse,» he said.

He blames individual oligarchs failed in the ballot of MPs for the resignation of the government on February 16.

«Kolomoysky has left this government in power. And this is understandable, because Kolomoisky is a partner Yatseniuk and his right arm Yatsenyuk – Ivanchuk is the business partner of Kolomoisky«, — said Leshchenko.

«Akhmetov has left this government in power. Why? Because Akhmetov supported the Yatsenyuk government, and the right hand Yatsenyuk in the government is a former employee of Akhmetov», — he added.

«Liovochkinalso supports this government. Because the «KICK» didn’t give votes, and we know about the links of the group «BLOW» with Levochkin», — continued the Deputy PPO.

«As the business environment of the unit Poroshenko did not vote for the resignation of this government,» he said indignantly.

According to Leshchenko, «all cynically used».

«Say, what are we gonna do a reboot, collected fraction gave the instructions to vote for the resignation. After that comes the Prime Minister and reports from this podium, then put to the vote (the question) on the recognition of the government’s work unsatisfactory. The majority of voters – 247 – «for». After that 15 minutes passes vote for the resignation of the government – and disappears the majority,» he said.

«This performance is happening in front of the entire country. Went through the ranks, telephoned, gave the tube and said, «Flee from the Verkhovna Rada. Going to not vote for the resignation of the government. With that said as these deputies, and those deputies,» — said Leshchenko.

He was called «the circus», when «the will of the people» at the time of the vote pulled out a card from the system, and after the failure of resignation of the government wrote stating that they are «for».

«Similarly, in the Block Poroshenko was came, passed the handset and said to not vote for the resignation of the government of Yatsenyuk. Despite the fact that the whole of society was said: we are going to restart,» — said Leshchenko.

«But it is a scary phenomenon – revenge in part of anti-corruption legislation. Yesterday, the Parliament abolished criminal liability for false declarations. For the whole year all politicians may lie in the Declaration and it would not be responsible», — he was indignant.

The Deputy added that «the Parliament adopted the law No. 3700 – that party leaders can impose party dictatorship and to remove from the list of undesirable deputies».

«This Parliament wants to give the attorney General the right to reject candidates on an independent anti-corruption Prosecutor,» — said Leshchenko.

«And the Parliament is preparing a draft law on zero declarations, Amnesty, corruption – so that all the corrupt officials could declare its corrupt state, and not to bear criminal responsibility,» he added.

Leshchenko called on all citizens «to put pressure on politicians» for the «counterrevolution» took place.

Saakashvili calls on the PPO to leave the coalition. Leshchenko said about the counterrevolution of oligarchs 17.02.2016

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