Russia’s Supreme court upheld the banning Navalny on elections of the President

Russia’s Supreme court rejected opposition leader Alexei Navalny in his complaint to the Central election Commission (CEC) decision on the refusal in registration on elections of the President, wrote «Rain».

The politician was not present at the meeting. His interests were represented by lawyers Ivan Zhdanov and Alexander Pomazuev. The CEC was represented by several people.

Pomazuev, speaking in court, stated that the right to nominate himself and be elected by the citizens guaranteed by the Constitution, which has Supreme legal force.

He insisted that the main reason for the refusal is repeated illegal sentence in the «case «Kirovec», so the CEC could based on the circumstances and the decisions of the courts make an individual decision on his admission.

Lawyers, the CEC requested that the decision of the electoral Commission in force, as Navalny convicted under part 4 of article 160 of the Criminal code (misappropriation and embezzlement).

«This crime is serious, the record is not canceled and withdrawn. Thus, it may not be a presidential candidate. The CEC had no choice», – he stressed.

Presidential elections in Russia will be held on 18 March 2018.

Navalny announced the decision to participate in the presidential elections in December 2016. He said he goes to the polls «program on how to make Russia a fair and modern.» The head of the Central election Commission of the Russian Federation Ella Pamfilova said that the opposition leader may take part in the presidential elections in 2018, but only if it will remove a record or to change the law.

8 February 2017 re-examination of the case on embezzlement in especially large amount in the company «Kirovles» Leninsky district court in Kirov found Navalny guilty and sentenced him to five years imprisonment, appointed him a fine of 500 thousand rubles, the Politician said that the European court of human rights accepted the verdict in the case of «Kirovles» rigged.

25 Dec, CEC adopted decision on refusal in its registration.

The bulk response was posted on the Internet a video message in which he announced a «strike of voters» in connection with the refusal of the CEC to allow him the election.

Russia’s Supreme court upheld the banning Navalny on elections of the President 30.12.2017

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