Russians are shelling Ukrainian An-26 with «towers Boyko» could lead to disaster

The shelling of the Russian military Ukrainian plane An-26 from the area of the so-called «towers Boyko» in the Black sea could lead to the crash of the Navy.

This broadcast Еспресо.TV told the press Secretary of naval forces of Armed forces of Ukraine Oleg Chubuk.

«Examination strafed the plane continues. Discovered a 3-inch hole from the bullet. The firing was from small arms, pre-machine gun RPK. Caliber machine gun – 5,45 likely. Fortunately, the bullet hit in such a place on top where there were no pilots,» said Shank.

According to him, the attack could cause the plane crash. Thanks to professional actions of pilots of the plane managed to return to base in Mykolaiv.

Shank added that the so-called «towers Boyko» is heavily guarded by the Russians. There are always a warship, aircraft of the armed forces of Russia. On the platform, sniper the Russians.

As reported, from the captured Russian drilling rigs in the Black sea 1 Feb fired at the transport plane of Armed forces of Ukraine. The aircraft opened fire from firearms aboard the small anti-submarine ship of the black sea fleet of the Russian Federation. The territory over which the flight took place, belongs to Ukraine. Weapons An-26 had not.

The Minister of defence of Ukraine Stepan Poltorak said that the crew was discovered and recorded the work of the radar station of the Russian Federation in active mode that is typically used for missile guidance systems of antiaircraft defense.

We will add that in January it was reported that in the Black sea from captured Russian rigs «Chernomorneftegaz» fired on a diving vessel of the Ukrainian Navy «Pochaev».

Russians are shelling Ukrainian An-26 with «towers Boyko» could lead to disaster 01.02.2017

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