Russian special services have sent to Ukraine the Uzbek agent «007»

Citizen of Uzbekistan who was involved in gathering information using a hidden video camera, was arrested tonight, the border guards and the SBU Kharkiv detachment. On this day, September 19, on his page in Facebook said the speaker of the state border service Oleg Slobodyan.

«Young man, 1991 year of birth, followed in Ukraine through the checkpoint «Pletenivka» in the Kharkiv region. During the border control, state border service officers sent him for additional testing to establish the purpose of stay on the territory of our state», — stated in the message.

During joint with representatives of the fiscal service and by the staff of SBU inspection instead of shirt buttons men guards noticed the hidden video camera.

«It was the wire to the device of accumulation of information,which was in the pocket and in another pocket was also found a device for audio», — said Slobodyan.

During questioning, the alien stated that he received from the staff of the Russian migration service, when he was arrested for exceeding the registration period on the territory of the Russian Federation.

«What people with these devices have done in the Ukrainian checkpoint, while set law enforcement. At the moment the offender was transferred to representatives of SBU», — said the speaker of the state border service.

Earlier it was reported that Russian special services are trying to recruit Ukrainian migrant workers.

Russian special services have sent to Ukraine the Uzbek agent «007» 19.09.2016

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