Russian ship wrecked in Japan

Real Russian cargo ship from the port of Zarubino in Primorye, crashed in the port of Fushiki Japanese Prefecture of Toyama, said «RIA Novosti» Deputy head of local management of the coast guard, the Yutaka of Canada.

The waves and the wind threw the ship on a concrete block of the breakwater. On Board were 19 people, none of them was hurt. 18 crew members independently came ashore, one was rescued by the coastguards.

According to Canady, medical crew assistance is not needed, all 19 people are in the city of Toyama.

The cargo ship with a displacement of 1798 tons, according to, engaged in transportation of cars. During the storm it was empty. Eyewitnesses reported that the Bay still has a strong odor of fuel oil, and this may indicate a hole in the fuel compartment.

On 22 October, Japan was hit by Typhoon «LAN», in which at least two people were killed.

In the Bay the smell of fuel oil, then struck the fuel compartment

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Russian ship wrecked in Japan 23.10.2017

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