Russian secret services send messages to the ATO soldiers with appeals not to perform military duty — Ministry of defense

The Russian special services recently stepped up attempts to undermine the morale of the Ukrainian soldiers in the ATO area, by organizing a mass mailing them an SMS with a call not to perform their military duty.

About it reported in Management of communications and press of the Ministry of defense of Ukraine.

«Members of the Armed forces and other military formations, carrying out tasks in the area of antiterrorist operations on unknown numbers received short messages with appeals to fulfill their duty. Such SMS messages arrive, and to the families of servicemen,» — said in the message.

The specified activity of special services of Russia coincides with the beginning of the implementation of the plan of the Kremlin on measures to destabilize the situation in Ukraine, said the Ministry of defence.

Recall, 23 October, a group of Ukrainian hackers «Cyberhunt» stated that the hacked emails of Russian presidential aide Vladislav Surkov, and published copies of documents which set out measures to destabilize the political life in Ukraine, the result of which should be early parliamentary and presidential elections.

In particular, the site «Cyberhunt» was published documents containing the plans of operational activities on destabilization socially-a political situation in Ukraine («Tariff Maidan», «a Third Maidan» «for heat and bread») with the involvement of the opposition (in particular, mention of the party «Batkivshchyna», «opposition bloc», RPL and the «American lobby» among well-known journalists and fighters), discredit the President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko and his entourage, plans to promote «Federal status» of the Transcarpathian region of Ukraine, the use of Hungary and Romania for the decision of tasks of the Kremlin towards Ukraine.

Published documents correspond to documents that the security Service of Ukraine were seized by Pro-Russian organizers of the separatist movement in Transcarpathia, head of the office of the head of the SBU Oleksandr Tkachuk.

«So far, I can officially declare that most of us those documents actually confirmed their authenticity, their compliance with the documents we seized from individuals who are directly connected with the Russian special services and, in fact, recruited and working for the Russian secret services,» — said Tkachuk.

On 3 November, the hackers published the next portion of the correspondence assistant to Putin’s «Ukrainian question». Advisor to the Minister of internal Affairs of Ukraine Zorian Shkiryak on the same day reported that correspondence Surkov, who posted hacker-patriots «Cyberhunt» is authentic, as confirmed by examinations of the Ministry of interior, security service, and also a number of very reputable international professional organizations.

The head of the SBU Basil Gritsak confirmed the existence of the letters, evidence taken by the Russian Federation measures to destabilize the political life in Ukraine.

Russian secret services send messages to the ATO soldiers with appeals not to perform military duty — Ministry of defense 14.11.2016

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