Russian scientist predicts the destruction of the Kerch bridge: a challenging climate, Geology and seismicity

Haven’t built a bridge across the Kerch Strait has already become a headache for Russian authorities.

The building is vulnerable from many sides and by multiple parameters, said known Soviet and Russian gidrostroitel, former Director of Lengas (erected a complex of protective constructions of Leningrad from floods), Professor Yury Sevenard, reports

According to him, there are two kinds of risks to the future of the Kerch bridge.

The first relates to complex natural-climatic conditions, which the designers of the Kerch bridge, apparently, not taken into account. In this region of high seismicity, corresponding to 9 points.

In addition, there is a complex Geology (thick grounds, located on 60 meters below water level). Moreover, the seismic relying on these dense soils (hard clay) is not reduced. Range it is clay and not overlying a weak layer.

«When to stand on the bridge, those vibrations will be transmitted to its rigid piles. In the end, during an earthquake, first get lost the stability of the main span of the bridge (point-bearing piles in clay — a height of about 100 meters),» the scientist said.

In addition, according to the scientist, in this region are very strong hurricane winds, which can lead to emergency situations with cars on the bridge length, we recall, as much as 19 km Plus icing phenomena is a frequent factor in terms of changes in the temperature. Winds, high humidity, ice storms (but icing can be without them) — all this is dangerous from the point of view of the slide transport. And keep in bezgranicnom the state of the bridge with trusses (connecting structure) on top is almost impossible: the bottom of metal beams and concrete floors will freeze.

The accident by themselves on regular roads often happen, as here, the risk increases several times.

By the way, there is a third type of hazard is the ice. In his time at the direction of Stalin in the area (only in a different target — water phase) was the railway bridge was built in 1944. It was destroyed by drifting ice, the scientist said.

Sevenard believes that it would be best to make a bridge underwater, to be exact, the whole «waterworks».

«It would be invulnerable from the point of view of seismology, glaciation, drop vehicles from height, etc. the Main track would have kept the earth embankment (she’s not afraid of the pressure of ice). It would be two culvert sections to ensure the flow off the coast and survived the exchange, held fish and two km of highway would go directly under water,» — said the scientist.

Recall, after the annexation of the Crimea with Russia on the Peninsula is accessible only through the Kerch ferry, which often shuts down because of weather conditions and has insufficient capacity.

The Russian President Vladimir Putin previously said he wants to build the Kerch bridge to occupied Crimea until 2018, attracting Finance investors.

Master budget this failed project Putin has entrusted himself close to oligarch Arkady Rotenberg.

March 24 Pro-Russian authorities of the occupied Crimea has said that the construction of the bridge across the Kerch Strait will have to negotiate with Kiev.

Russian scientist predicts the destruction of the Kerch bridge: a challenging climate, Geology and seismicity 28.03.2016

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