Russian private military companies are involved in the civil conflict in Sudan — BBC

Soldiers of Russian private military companies previously fought in the East of Ukraine and in Syria, are now taking part in the armed conflict in the Sudan with the government of Omar Bashir. This is on the condition of anonymity, said «Russian service of the BBC» one of the veterans of the PMC.

He argues that on the African continent arrived PMC unit «Wagner».

According to the head of a private military company, the «RSB Group» Oleg krinitsyna, some mercenaries were forced immediately back, as contracted severe malaria. The Krinitsyn said that his company does not take part in battles on the territory of the Sudan.

As noted by the BBC, earlier Russia did not have signalled their interest in the conflict in the Sudan, lasting from 2013. However, in November, Moscow was visited by President Bashir, who asked the Russian President Vladimir Putin against aggressive US policy.

Bashir holds the post of head of state since 1989. In 2015 he was re-elected for a new five-year term. The international criminal court in 2009 issued a warrant for Bashir’s arrest on charges of planned destruction of the Christian ethnic groups in Darfur province.

PMC «Wagner» was founded by a native of Ukraine Dmitry Utkin. According to media reports, the company participated in the fighting in the Donbass on the party of separatists, in particular, in the battles for Debaltsevo. The SBU reported that the PMC «Wagner» eliminated several well-known leaders of the separatists.

In the spring of 2016 the media first reported that in the middle East, killing dozens of mercenaries PMC «Wagner». Unit is in Syria in the autumn of 2015. In June 2017, the US imposed sanctions against the military campaign and Utkin.

Russian private military companies are involved in the civil conflict in Sudan — BBC 05.12.2017

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