Russian poet and human rights activist Vitukhnovskiy said that he will run for President of Russia

Poet and public figure Alina Vitukhnovskiy announced its intention to participate in presidential elections in 2018 as a candidate of the «Republican alternative». She stated in the broadcast SotnikTV.

She noted that opposition politician Alexei Navalny, is also involved in the elections, «in which he does not believe.»

«In our country now nobody knows that will not that after a month in a week. 5-10 years ago, communicating with people personally, you could get some kind of insider confidential information and know what will happen in this or that political party, any movement. Now those people who pretend to be knowledgeable or really was aware, plain text in private conversations say they do not know what will be here in a month,» said Vitukhnovskiy.

The politician explained that in Russia there was a «loss of control».

«All this has not fallen on our heads, which in principle should occur only because it is a huge inertial space, in which everything is so slow. In which the decay and stagnation, and the development of something, can happen simultaneously,» said the writer.

According to Witajewski, Navalny and Russia’s President Vladimir Putin remained the only Federal-level figures in the political field.

«Navalny has mastered the media resource. He done that brought people to the streets… But both Putin and Navalny are about the same policy zakisaniya alternative fields. From this point of view is whether the Bulk of the Democrat – the big question», she said.

The politician added that goes to the President with a program of seven points: refederalization (the distribution of power from the centre to the regions); professional army; the legalization of handguns to citizens, and the nuclear disarmament of Russia; and de-lustration; an unconditional basic income and the European integration. She also stressed that advocated the return of Crimea to Ukraine.

«It has to happen, because all the problems we have now and will happen in the future because of what have been going on here all these years of Putin’s rule are actually war crimes. Crimea, Donbas, and «Novorossiya» is a war crime,» she said.

Vitukhnovskiy (born in 1973 in Moscow) – Russian poet, writer, public figure, human rights activist. Member of the Union of writers of Moscow, honorary member of the Russian «PEN club».

In March 2014, she expressed her opposition to the annexation of Crimea. Signed anti-war appeal of the initiative group on holding of the Congress of the intelligentsia «Against war, against the isolation of Russia, against restoration of totalitarianism».

Presidential elections in Russia will be held on 18 March 2018. Putin promised to think about participation in the presidential elections.

13 December 2016 Navalny announced the decision to participate in elections of the President of Russia. He said that goes to the polls «program on how to make Russia a fair and modern.»

In December 2016, Navalny announced the decision to run for President. 24 June 2017, the Central election Commission of Russia said that the opposition will not be able to participate in the presidential elections in 2018, because it has a conviction in the case on embezzlement in especially large amount in the company «Kirovles».

Russian poet and human rights activist Vitukhnovskiy said that he will run for President of Russia 29.08.2017

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