Russian military shelled the Lugansk

«It is established that on February 16 from a position next to Alexander, the Russian military has carried out artillery shelling on residential areas in Lugansk», — is told in the message.

In addition, intelligence reports that the OSCE special monitoring mission provided information about the presence of tanks and 122-mm MLRS «Grad» in the areas of Gorlovka and Sabovka.

«Are deliveries from the territory of Russia the group of occupation forces weapons and military equipment, ammunition and petrol, oil and lubricants (POL). On February 15-16 at the railway station Makeyevka there arrived the echelon with artillery (122-mm howitzers D-30), ammunition (40 tons) and fuel (up to 60 tons), on Red by rail delivered military vehicles: five armored combat vehicles, two 122-mm MLRS «Grad», two tanker, two trucks,» — said in the message.

According to the website Informator with reference to users of social networks, in Lugansk in the quarter South had exploded two mines, presumably of 82 mm caliber, one mine exploded.

«From Lugansk report that the 2 hours ago arrival seems to be on the South quarter. One shell did not explode. Near the bar «South» fuss ambulances and emergency services. 10:50 confirmed: flew on South, next to the children’s garden is an unexploded shell,» according to local residents.

According to one of the locals, the fire was coming from the bypass road, which passes close to the quarter.

Luhansk separatist TV channels distribute a version that fired the city «the Kiev chasteners».

In turn, the commander of the 92nd separate mechanized brigade Victor nikolyuk has denied the involvement of Ukrainian servicemen to the Ukrainian army. According to him, the military does not currently have the weapon with the necessary range.

«Our artillery has long reserved long-distance according to the Minsk agreements. Those weapons that we use currently complies with the Minsk agreement and on the tactical-technical characteristics has no opportunity to shoot at such a distance» – said the brigade commander.

Note that, in General, on 16 February, the situation in the zone ATO has deteriorated – terrorists 79 times during the day, they opened fire near Nikolayevka and Novotroitsk held clashes with the ATO forces with DRG gangs. Three Ukrainian soldiers were killed and seven were wounded.

Russian military shelled the Lugansk 17.02.2016

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