Russian media reported about the training of Chechen fighters Regardie to operations in Syria

At the disposal of journalists were documents that Russian soldiers prepare to participate in a ground operation in Syria.

Two brochures «Novaya Gazeta» gave one of the employees of the former special regiment of the Ministry of the interior. Akhmad Kadyrov (better known as the battalion «North» and now the incoming part of the 46-th separate brigade of operational designation (CARVING) of the Federal service of National guard troops (FSWG).

The first brochure is called «Visual translator (Syrian Arab Republic)». On the cover of the document depicts the emblem of the armed forces of the Ministry of defense — red-white-blue star. The other output of the data Handbook contains.

The information in the booklet is presented in the form of pictures with maps of the Middle East and Syria, Arabic translation, Russian transcription of numbers and phrases needed to communicate with local residents and obtain information from them about the location, weapons and enemy action. Apparently, the Handbook should help the Russian military personnel in Syria to navigate the terrain and establish contact with local military and civilians.

The second booklet is entitled «Recommendations to the military personnel when performing tasks in the Syrian Arab Republic» and is a page manual with almost no illustrations. The document provides a brief overview of Syria, including geographical information, language, holidays, currency, customs. In the second part of the booklet explains who is involved in the conflict, who are the combatants, militias, mercenaries, how to distinguish a military journalist from spy, but spy on spy.

At the top of the cover of the second brochure is the inscription: Federal service of National guard troops of the Russian Federation. In addition, it depicts the emblem of the national guard and the emblem of the 46th separate brigade of special purpose of National guard troops.

At the end of the booklet there is a signature «Department at radar 64 DROPPED», which can be deciphered as «a Department on work with the personnel of the 64-th separate brigade of special purpose». Brigade with this number does not exist, but there is a crew number 46. The author of the article in «Novaya Gazeta» suggests that the text might deliberately make a mistake in case he will be in the public space that the defense could disown brochure and call it fake.

According to the source Newspapers, pamphlets were distributed among the soldiers of the Chechen battalion «Sever», which is included in the 46th brigade of the national guard (it also applies to the Chechen battalion «the South»). The brigade confirmed the publication of the fact that the mass distribution of the two brochures among staff. The military also told the publication about active preparation of the Chechens from the 46th DROPPED the guard to the Syrian mission.

The author notes that common among the men of Regardie brochures are strongly reminiscent of those handed out to Soviet soldiers-internationalists in Afghanistan. In addition, the content of modules raises the question of what tasks are actually put before the Russian military personnel in Syria, if they need to be able to identify combatants, spies, scouts and mercenaries.

Russian legislation restricts the use of National guard troops in military conflicts outside of the Russian Federation. Their use is stipulated only by the collective security Treaty, but Syria is not included in the CSTO.

A former soldier of the MIA of Russia, lawyer Pyotr Zaikin confirmed to Novaya Gazeta that in the Russian legislation there is no legal basis for the formation of a military contingent of the soldiers of the national guard for use in Syria. In the SAR can only be used by servicemen of the defense Ministry and special forces of the FSB. If soldiers of the 46th separate brigade of the national guard will be sent to Syria as «national guards», the President’s decision will be contrary to Federal laws and the Constitution of the Russian Federation.

In addition, the former soldier explained to the publication, than can be caused by the need to send Russian troops to the mission in Syria. Zaikin believes that the troops of Assad, likely with air support the allies to recapture the territory from terrorists, but not able to keep them without additional help.

The lawyer also explained why to send to Syria can choose which soldiers of the national guard. Unlike the servicemen of the defense Ministry, «internal forces» better prepared for war in the city — conduct sweeps, suppression of local pockets of resistance, securing the rear of the army and police maintain order, said Zaikin.

As for the choice of ethnicity, it is assumed that the Chechens after two military campaigns, more experience in the suppression of guerrilla warfare, the lawyer added.

It is worth noting that in December last year, appeared in the media a number of reports on the formation and sent to Syria battalions of interior Ministry employees and special forces in Chechnya. The head of the Chechen Republic Ramzan Kadyrov this information is called a «fake.»

On the eve of the Fox News channel reported, citing two U.S. officials that Russia is increasing its military presence in Syria. The interlocutors said that Russia in the beginning of the week was transferred to the Arab Republic four additional assault aircraft su-25. In addition, one of the sources reported arrivals to Syria of Russian contract soldiers, including fighters from Chechnya, but declined to give specific figures. In the defense Ministry, the message channel is called «duck» and assured that in the Syrian Arab Republic carried out the reduction of Russian forces.

At the end of last year the President of Russia Vladimir Putin announced that Russia will reduce its military presence in Syria. It was noted that the relevant proposal was made by the defense Ministry. The announcement of the intention to withdraw part of the Russian troops from Syria was made after it became known about the achievement of the ceasefire agreement between the warring parties of the Syrian conflict.

Russian media reported about the training of Chechen fighters Regardie to operations in Syria 13.01.2017

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