Russian lawyer Polozov asks for help against FSB

Russian lawyer Nikolai Polozovrepresenting interests of deputies Chairman of the Mejlis Ilmi Umerov, as well as Akhtem chigusa in the «February 26» and of the son, Mustafa Cemil, has addressed the Bar Association of Moscow for support. About it reports «Radio Freedom».

Polozov said that the FSB investigator on the case, Ilmi Umerov, who is accused of separatism, attempts to eliminate it from the process, moving to the status of witness and requiring the court to allow questioning Polozova about the circumstances of the case.

«There are no grounds for questioning me as a witness the investigator is not available. The law on advocate activity and advocacy in the Russian Federation, article 8, imposes a direct prohibition on interrogation of the lawyer as a witness in those circumstances that he has become aware in the course of providing legal assistance», – says the lawyer.

Polozov said the actions of the investigator «pressure» and appealed for support to the legal community.

«This is an element of pressure on me as a defender, attempt of removing me from the status of protector to the status of a witness in order that I could not in subsequent litigation to represent the interests and protect Ilmi Umerov,» said the lawyer.

He recalled that against him is declared by the Investigative Committee of the Russian Federation preliminary examination.

«Of course, the desire of the Russian authorities intended to put me outside of the Crimea, to force me to stop supporting their professional activities, which is to protect the rights and legitimate interests, first of all, the Crimean Tatar population», – said the lawyer.

Meanwhile in Crimea, the Russian occupation authorities carried out a court case Akhtem chigusa.

Russian lawyer Polozov asks for help against FSB 15.11.2016

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