Russian journalist Maria Stolyarov, who was fired from «inter», vaporooter from Ukraine for 5 years

Russian journalist, producer of the program «Details weeks», produced by inter TV channel, Maria Stolyarova, which was dismissed after the scandal with the story of the Heavenly hundred, left the territory of Ukraine accompanied by employees of security service of Ukraine.

On Wednesday February 24, said the speaker of the SBU Elena Gitlyanskaya.

«Russian journalist Maria Stolyarova received a «one way ticket» and under the supervision of a staff of the security service of Ukraine has left the territory of our state… of the SBU, it was decided to reduce the period of stay on the territory of Ukraine the above-mentioned citizen of the Russian Federation for committing acts detrimental to the interests of Ukraine. For the same reasons she’s denied entry to our country for a period of five years», — Gitlyanskaya wrote in his page in Facebook.

According to the speaker of the security service of Ukraine, before that intelligence officers conducted investigative actions on Stolyarova.

«They wanted to dirty the statements of the Russians during the story of the Heroes of the Heavenly hundred. They also had questions about her stay in the temporarily occupied territories in 2014, and about its possible participation in terrorist organizations «DPR/LPR»,» — wrote Gilanskaya.

In addition, the speaker of the security service of Ukraine informed that now is a systematic analysis and study of the messages of the citizen of the Russian Federation in social networks, which may contain signs of anti-Ukrainian propaganda.

«In the future will provide the relevant assessment,» she wrote.

Today, February 24, after the scandal in the air of inter TV channel as a creative producer Mary Stolyarov dismissed «by agreement of the parties» from the «details of the week».

Recall that carpenter was at the center of a scandal after he swore while turning the Maidan, where there was the honoring of the heroes of the Heavenly hundred. After that, the national Council of TV and radio and the SBU stated that will verify statements Stolyarova, which is also made in social networks a number of odious statements.

It is worth noting that, according to the press service of «inter» TV channel on 23 February, Maria carpenter – managing editor of the program «Details weeks» – an employee of the company «National information systems» («NIS») and never worked on the TV channel «inter».

Russian journalist Maria Stolyarov, who was fired from «inter», vaporooter from Ukraine for 5 years 24.02.2016

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