Russian imports to the Donbass expired canned foods

On 18 February the Russian side unilaterally implemented design of the next so-called «humanitarian convoy». This reports the press center of the state border service of Ukraine.

It is noted that in the occupied Donbass was invaded by the vehicle 101. Move the «humanitarian convoy» was in gross violation of norms of international and Ukrainian legislation. The Ukrainian side could only carry out visual monitoring of the contents of the Russian trucks.

The state border service reported that all the trucks were loaded only by one third.

«The peculiarity of this «humanitarian convoy» was the discrepancy between the nature of the goods specified in the note of the foreign Ministry. In particular, did not provide a book of unknown content, industrial power plants and generators, construction power tools», — noted in press service.

«Another feature was that meat and fish canned food was expired because their expiration date was specified 2 years, and date of manufacture 2012. Boxes of meat stew also were caused by marking «fragile, do not turn over». In addition, the Russian side refused to provide information about the content of books that were transported,» — said in the SBS.

Note, this is the first this year and 49th in the column for total units. We will note, in December the leader of the militants occupied parts of Luhansk region , Igor Plotnitsky announced the termination of «humanitarian aid from Russia to 2016».

Despite the fact that formally stated that the car driven products, textbooks or other goods, was recorded in the convoy brought ammunition, weapons, fuel and lubricants. Ago took out the bodies of the victims in the Donbas Russian military.

Russian imports to the Donbass expired canned foods 19.02.2016

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