Russian grandmaster lost the advantage in the match with the Norwegians, losing the tenth party

Russian grandmaster Sergey Karjakin lost with the black pieces and the Norwegian Magnus Carlsen in the tenth game of the match for the world chess crown. Thus, Carlsen evened the score to 5:5 over two games to tie break.

The tenth party lasted about six and a half hours after the 20-m course Karjakin missed a chance to force a draw, which would be a favorable outcome for black. The Russians conceded defeat in the 75-meter run.

Grandmaster Susan Polgar believes that given the intense struggle in the match, eight of the 10 parties which ended in a draw, this error can be crucial for Karjakin.

Karjakin admitted that during the match, made mistakes, but noted a cool game Carlsen: «He played well and created problems for me. At some point, I was in time trouble and made a mistake, but the position was a very difficult situation. It was an interesting game with many interesting decisions, I could not to lose, but it happens sometimes.»

«I feel very tired, but I’m happy that I managed to win. Last night I slept very bad. Very glad that tomorrow we have a day off, and there are still at least two parties», — quotes TASS Carlsen.

Now the participants of the match waiting for the day of rest. 11-I party will be held on Saturday, Karyakin it will play with white pieces.

Match for the world championship consists of 12 games with classical time control. If according to their results in equality, the participants of the match will hold the tie-break. The players will play parties with the truncated control of time, then, if necessary, will be held the blitz and the so-called Armageddon — mini-game chess, the white player will have five minutes for four of the enemy, but obliged to win.

The tie-break, if needed, will be held November 30.

For 26-year-old Karjakin is the first match for the world chess crown. Carlsen is the reigning world champion, last year he beat Indian Viswanathan Anand.

Karjakin was born in Simferopol in 1990 year and up to July 2009 (19 years) represented Ukraine. Then received Russian citizenship and began to play under the flag of this country.

Russian grandmaster lost the advantage in the match with the Norwegians, losing the tenth party 25.11.2016

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