Russian filmmaker Zvyagintsev about the Syrian government: ku-Ku, the Minister of culture, respond: where are you?!

Russian film Director and screenwriter Andrei Zvyagintsev said that searches at the head of the «Gogol-center» Kirill Serebrennikov is a «political gesture of intimidation and attack on freedom of thought in all directions». About this he wrote in his column on the website The Question.

«What is happening in the last days — this is quite clearly a political gesture of intimidation. Cyril was and remains an active part of their citizenship, their performances and many of the statements he emphasized his commitment to liberal thought. He always spoke brightly. I think this attack on free thought in all directions – from political thought to current thinking in the field of art,» said Zvyagintsev.

He also added that such actions «the government continues to tighten the screws».

«Pieces of silver – is it criminal to which you want to tumble into the apartment early in the morning, if he were now whisk in the window, as Podkolesin and be gone? Not tried politely to bring the summons to appear to give testimony as a witness in the case? No! It should be the same with the special effect, moreover, have to hear this noise,» he wrote.

Zvyagintsev also appealed to the Minister of culture of the Russian Federation Vladimir Medinsky with a question about why he did not come for ward.

«Ku-ku, the Minister of culture, respond: where are you?! The outstanding figure of Russian culture, like a naughty criminal, exemplary taken to the investigative apartments and kept there without the lawyer’s support hours, and you are silent?! It’s your shop, your Department, your best representatives. And you are not going to stand up for the ward, just to say some kind words in favour of the Director of the state theatre?! As you know, these are rhetorical questions, because if the authorities need to effect, all its fighters are United in the opinion, because the main thing they want to achieve such-and-such a way, is to suppress free thought, and it’s quite obvious,» – concluded the Director.

On 23 may, the journalist of «Novaya Gazeta» Olga Romanova announced that Serebrennikov came to searches. The journalist Roman Super told me that in addition to searches at the place of residence Serebrennikov, riot police arrived at the theater «Gogol-center», which is headed by the Director.

The Investigative Committee of the Russian Federation noted that the leadership created by the Director of Studio seven is suspected in the theft of about 200 million rubles ($3.5 million) in the period from 2011 to 2014.

Pieces of silver once held in his apartment searches, said that he was «shocked and perplexed».

Later detained the ex-Director of the theater company «the Seventh Studio» Yuri itina and former chief accountant Nina Masleeva. Presnensky court of Moscow has sent itina under house arrest, and ex-accountant has agreed to cooperate with the investigation.

Kirill Serebrennikov, the theater and film Director. In 2012 he was appointed artistic Director of the Moscow drama theater named after Gogol, later transformed into the «Gogol-center». For his work in film, theater and television pieces of silver awarded «TEFI», «crystal Turandot», «Golden mask» and awards of «Kinotavr» and the Cannes film festival.

«The seventh Studio» – the theater troupe, Serebrennikov created in 2012 based on his own acting and directing course at the Studio school of the Moscow art theatre.

Russian filmmaker Zvyagintsev about the Syrian government: ku-Ku, the Minister of culture, respond: where are you?! 06.07.2017

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