Russian drones-bombers attacked the munitions depots of the 93rd brigade APU

Russian aircraft using unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV) began to bomb Ukrainian military units in the zone of the antiterrorist operation (ATO) in certain districts of Donetsk and Lugansk regions. About February 19, 2016 in the channel «Еспресо.TV» said the head of reconnaissance «Dnepr-1» Vitaly Feschenko.

«At the moment this information is verified, was made a commando operation, is now being installed and what exactly it was. Most likely, this is unmanned aerial vehicles with an internal combustion engine, a limited radius of work. Type is set to min, which dropped on military installations,» said he.

The chief of reconnaissance is emphasized that if information about the bombing is confirmed, the reaction will be tough.

«Local separatists are not able to apply this technique, 90% that it was Russian sabotage troops», — noted he.

He also noted that the intensification of Russian military connected with the arrival of another so-called humanitarian convoy from Russia.

According to Kharkiv volunteer Roman Donica, February 18 night and 19 the night of the February attack, in particular, has been the position of 93-it the Separate mechanized crew of the plane in the Donetsk region.

«Last night and tonight, in the Donetsk region, on TPU (rear control unit) 93-it crews had three plaque drones with incendiary bombs, — informs a Donica on his page on Facebook, referring to data from the fighters of the brigade. — Target — ammunition. Not three drones, and three raids. The first night, two night. Bomb extinguished, all localized».

According to the volunteer standard anti-air defense against UAVs, in fact, helpless. «Ultra-small targets at very low altitudes, almost not detected by most detection systems. BEECH seems to detect, but not neticesi Beeches near each place of storage of ammunition. The only effective defense is our guys gunners. Suski, «Shilka». But in the dark sky to shoot at a moving small target, it is also difficult. Need a floodlight,» says Donica.

Later came the official explanation from the General staff of the Armed forces of Ukraine.

At the rear of a military site of the 93rd separate mechanized brigade near the village Hrodivka Krasnoarmeysky district of Donetsk region there was an attack using unmanned aircraft dropping phosphorous incendiary grenades, according to the General staff of the armed forces.

«On the night of 18 to 19 February the UAV several times attacked convoys of missile and artillery brigade, dropping phosphorous incendiary grenades. Cell ignition that occurred as a result gaps were promptly localized by backup group», — stated in the message published on the official website of Estaba.

The staff noted that the rise of UAVs and the management could be controlled by Ukrainian law enforcers in the territory, including Grodovka. Neither one drone was not shot down, despite the involvement of the forces of air cover facility and staff duty shift. «To destroy such a small aircraft… it is difficult. UAV by means of radar reconnaissance was not found», — stated in the message.

Currently Netpolice forces conducted a search operation. To investigate the sabotage connected to the SBU, the investigation is underway.

Of the victims in the attack in the report of the General staff is not reported.

As reported, on February 17 the drones, operated by unknown, attacked the territory of the military warehouses in the Zaporozhye region, dropping incendiary objects, resulting in fire was liquidated in four hours. As a result of incident one person was injured, he was hospitalized. UAVs operated at altitudes of up to 400m, they were applied against anti-aircraft weapons and small arms, but due to the dark time of a day, none of them was shot down.

Russian drones-bombers attacked the munitions depots of the 93rd brigade APU 19.02.2016

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