Russian deputies refused to honor the memory Nemcova moment of silence

The Russian state Duma at the plenary session refused to honor the memory of the murdered a year ago Russian opposition leader Boris Nemtsov a moment of silence, reports the With the corresponding initiative was made by MP Dmitry Gudkov.

The suspect in the murder of Nemtsov in court does not appear — the media
Help. Who killed Nemtsov: Putin’s version, Dadaeva, Yashin and daughter of the deceased

He recalled that it had proposed to do a year ago, however, the Duma did not support the proposal, however, many deputies, according to Gudkov, later came up and said that it was a mistake.

«I therefore propose to correct this mistake, especially since this is not a question of politics, it is a question of ethics and human relationship to the person who worked here, in the Duma, was the head of the faction, was the first Vice-the Prime Minister, the Governor, acting Deputy of the Yaroslavl Duma,» — said Gudkov.

Received then the word of the leader of LDPR Vladimir Zhirinovsky said the state Duma by standing honors the memory of the people only in one case — if the President declared a state of mourning. In response to these words, the speaker of the state Duma Sergei Naryshkin said, «indeed, this agreement has been, and we follow this practice».

Earlier it was reported that the ambassadors of the EU countries will lay flowers at the place of death of Nemtsov.

The suspect in the murder of Nemtsov in court does not appear — the media

A former officer of the Chechen battalion «Sever» Ruslan Eremeev, who is suspected of organizing the murder of politician Boris Nemtsov, send a written statement to the court, but will not appear in the courtroom. About it reports «Rosbalt» referring to a source familiar with the situation.

«Most likely, Ruslan Eremeev not personally appear in court, and send a written statement,» — said the source.

In a statement seen by the Agency, Geremew claims that during the investigation of the «Boris Nemtsov» he from whom is not hidden, and participated in a special operation in a mountainous area, which was carried out against participants of illegal armed formations, including those associated with ISIS.

The interest to the person in connection with the «case of Nemtsov» Eremeev supposedly learned from the media, this information caused him surprise. According to him, he was never interested in Nemtsov’s personality, no motives to feel that the policy of hostility had not been.

According to the version of Eremeeva, in Moscow in early 2015 he was in official trip to ensure the security of high-ranking representatives of the Chechen Republic. According to Eremeeva, any relationship to the assassination policy, he did not.

Nemtsov was
shot dead with four shots in the back on Big Moskvoretsky bridge, i.e. practically on the red square in the night of 28 February 2015. He then worked on
researching about the Russian armed invasion of the territory of sovereign Ukraine, including with participation «Kadyrovites». In particular, in 2014 there was documentary evidence of the establishment on the territory of Donbass separate Chechen battalion «Death», which was composed of veterans of law enforcement bodies of Chechnya. The members of this battalion participated in the battle for Ilovaisk and the Donetsk airport.

As a result of the official investigation by the organizer and the customer of a crime the consequence named a former soldier of the battalion «North» interior Ministry of Chechnya Ruslan Muhudinov. Eremeev wasn’t questioned by investigators and itself with them not contacted. While the media noted that after the investigation of the murder policy Eremeev began to appear more frequently on the people in Chechnya and to talk about the murder of Nemtsov with friends and family. The Russian opposition has repeatedly and publicly stated that he considers involved in the murder Nemtsov Pro-Kremlin head of Chechnya Ramzan Kadyrov, however, it is still not questioned in this case.

In memory of Nemtsov in Moscow held a March scheduled for February 27, 2016. Its participants will pass on the Boulevard ring and Sakharov Avenue. The action agreed on 50 thousand participants. The route from the Slavyanskaya square across the Bolshoi Moskvoretsky bridge to the end of the Small Moskvoretsky bridge city hall did not agree. A similar event will be held in St. Petersburg.

February 23, the co-chair of Parnas Ilya Yashin presented the 35-page
the report «Threat to national security», dedicated to the bow of Putin with Kadyrov. In one Chapter of the report assesses the number and fighting capacity of the armed forces of the Republic. For example, it talks about the review of security officers at the stadium in Grozny in December 2014. Then Kadyrov said that he personally, and these parts — «combat infantry of Putin» is ready to execute any order of the Supreme commander. However, Yashin emphasizes that they are primarily loyal to Kadyrov.

Another well-known opponent of Putin, a former leading shareholder of the oil company «YUKOS» and now a fugitive in London the leader of the movement «Open Russia» Khodorkovsky believes that a daring murder Nemcova will be one of the reasons the upcoming «peaceful revolution», whose aim should be the overthrow of the Putin regime as «antinational» and «unconstitutional.»

Help. Who killed Nemtsov: Putin’s version, Dadaeva, Yashin and daughter of the deceased

Putin for the first time officially commented on the incident only on March 4, during his speech at the expanded Board of the interior Ministry, linking the actions of criminals with foreign PR-technologies.

For the murder of Nemtsov, then Putin convinced the leadership of the Russian interior Ministry, there are «extremists» attempting to exploit «the so-called «colored» technology — from illegal street protests to outright advocacy of hatred and hatred in social networks».

«Our objective is clear: to provoke civil strife, to strike the constitutional principles of our country, the sovereignty of the country, in the end,» — said Putin.

Multi-day pause for the assessment of this tragedy on the part of Putin (his name only twice appeared in the media, the press Secretary of the Russian President Dmitry Peskov) due to the lack of Putin in the Kremlin. American Bloomberg news Agency called it a consequence of the shock response of the RF President on the death of Nemtsov. Also began to appear reports that Putin allegedly gave personal orders to «pacify» the disgraced politician and not allow him to make a report on Russian troops in Ukraine, however, allegedly did not want his death, especially such a demonstration.

Meanwhile, the daughter of the late, Jeanne Nemtsov, who soon after the murder of his father emigrated from Russia, like others close to the slain Nemtsov people who believe in personal involvement of Putin’s assassination of his political opponent.

In turn, the investigation claims that there are clear links between the suspects in the murder Zaur Dadaev and Beslan Shavanova on one side and the Pro-Russian leadership of the Chechen Republic headed by Kadyrov. In addition, on 9 March, that is, in the same day with the recognition Dadaeva to the murder (as he says, for religious reasons), Putin awarded Kadyrov the «medal of Honor».

Savanov made up during detention.

«If Dadaev was actually going to be from a battalion «the North» (an elite unit of Kadyrov, the de facto one of his private armies — ed), it means that he obeys Alimbek Delimkhanov, the nearest person Kadyrov (and his cousin his cousin Adam delimhanov, Deputy of the state Duma – ed.), often cited as his personal assassin, and accused of the assassination of Zelimkhan Yandarbiyev in Qatar, then the tracks definitely lead to Ivan directly to the Cabinet Kadyrov. In this case, remains an open question whether it was a private initiative of Kadyrov or agreed with Putin,» — said on this occasion Yashin.

Russian deputies refused to honor the memory Nemcova moment of silence 26.02.2016

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