Russian bombers attacked the Syrian HOMS using «barrel bombs», killing 16 civilian

As a result of the strike by Russian bombers on the settlement of Ganta in the North of the Syrian city of HOMS on Friday, 12 February 2016, killing 16 civilians and injuring dozens. AA it is reported with reference to local residents.

As noted, the Russian aircraft had applied the so-called «barrel bombs», which caused great destruction in settlements Telus, Ganto and Deir Kebir. Dumped the wounded in field hospitals.

Another act of aggression by Putin’s Russia against civilians has prompted an immediate reaction from the international community.

In particular, the German Ambassador in Ankara Martin Erdmann called these actions of the Russian authorities «immoral».

The diplomat drew attention to the fact that for the last five days, Russian aviation has carried out in Syria 500 raids.

In his words, Russia opposes the resolution 2254 of the UN security Council, which it endorsed in 2015.

«This resolution provides for the protection of civilians from hostilities, however, the current situation is contrary to the decision of the UN. How can we start a political process in Geneva, if one of the parties that supported the resolution, forcing the population to migrate? I’d like to repeat that these attacks are immoral,» added Erdmann.

«In case of continuation of action of the FAC of Russia in Syria the agreement on the ceasefire will not be achieved,» warned which is now in Munich, Minister of foreign Affairs of Turkey Mevlut Cavusoglu.

The head of the Turkish foreign Ministry noted that it is necessary to continue the fight against terrorist organizations «ISIS» and «al-Nusra» in Syria, while Russia now strikes only on the positions of the moderate opposition and not the terrorists.

The head of the Turkish diplomacy also drew attention to the fact that the day before Russia has supported terrorist organizations in the area of the Syrian city of Azaz.

«If she’s under the guise of fighting terror, Russia will continue to strike these regions, the clashes in Syria will not stop,» — said the Turkish Minister.

Cavusoglu noted that the inter-Syrian talks in Geneva were suspended because of the ongoing bombing of the Russian space forces and impacts of the regime of Bashar al-Assad, which also supports Hezbollah and Iran.

According to him, the Assad regime is doing everything possible to the situation of the population of the regions controlled by the opposition, became unbearable.

«The siege and bringing to starvation are on the list of important tactics of the Assad regime. It uses not only the «barrel» bombs, and chlorine gas»,- he noted.

Cavusoglu stressed that the population of Syria is needed to deliver humanitarian aid without any discrimination. «You can’t use the issue of humanitarian assistance as a political tool,» he said.

The Minister stressed that a political solution is the most realistic and durable solution. «Russia must immediately cease attacks for the purpose of formation of atmosphere for the delivery of humanitarian aid to Syria. No one will vote against the ATT Russia strikes against «ISIS» or «al-Nusra». But these blows should be coordinated with the coalition,» he said.

Recall, February 12, the United States, Russia and other States have reached an agreement on the cessation of hostilities in the week in Syria, as well as providing immediate humanitarian access in the most disadvantaged from a humanitarian point of view the areas.

Russian bombers attacked the Syrian HOMS using «barrel bombs», killing 16 civilian 13.02.2016

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