Russian artist figures spoke about the aggression of Russia against Ukraine

In the Museum of history Kiev opened the exhibition of paintings «Stop eating Ukraine» («don’t eat Ukraine, which the Russian artist under the alias SAVA, does not want to reveal his name, talks about the tragedy of Ukraine the language of numbers and dates, clearly depicted in the paintings «white on black».

This was stated by the representative of the artist and the curator of the exhibition «Stop eating Ukraine Mikhail Kirata, reports «UKRINFORM».

«The concept of this exhibition is to draw the attention of the world community on the events taking place in Ukraine, to talk about the annexation of Crimea and its military aggression in the Donbas. At home, here exhibited 11 works of the Russian artist would be quite real time, therefore, I have the honour to submit of the author wishing to contribute to the fact that Russia withdrew from the Ukraine, returned to Crimea and became, finally, legal state», — said Kirata.

The exposition begins with the painting «20.02.2014», telling that from that day on the Maidan began the shooting and a dispersal of people who fought for a better life in Ukraine, the trouble came.

The second work, «366», symbolizing those killed in Ilovaisk young soldiers. Ukraine’s losses from annexation of Crimea in monetary terms, the number of victims in the Donbas, the number of people left without a roof over his head — all this to tell «numbers» of the artist — hundreds, thousands, millions.

«Six months ago when the author conceived this work, the number of Ukrainian political prisoners held in Russian prisons, was 11. Late white-on-black number he had crossed out in red and wrote 29. Next figure 340 — with so many Russian citizens suffered for their political views associated with the condemnation of the annexation of Crimea and Russia’s actions in Ukraine», — said Kirata.

Another digital formula «283 15». The number of victims shot down in the Donbass Boeing — 283 passengers and 15 crew members.

«On these figures, imbued with a black strip and placed in the upper part of the picture, held a white line. It symbolizes that people in the terror and the fear was dying in the sky, even before he could reach the ground,» explained Cerato.

The last work of the exhibition figure 1. It’s called «You» and the artist appeals to every person with an appeal not to remain silent but to tell the world about what actually is happening in Ukraine.

We will remind, in may in «Mystetskyi Arsenal» was held the exhibition of the French photographer of Ukrainian origin, Yuri Bilak in the framework of the project «Projection». In the lens of the artist — the Revolution of Dignity and the war with Russia. The exposition consisted of two parts: the photo of ATO soldiers, doctors, volunteers, as well as paintings by famous classical artists that are projected onto the present.

Russian artist figures spoke about the aggression of Russia against Ukraine 21.07.2016

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