Russian air force to help Kurds seize Northwest Siiii. Dorenko called the war with Turkey «inevitable»

Russia supports the plans of the Kurdish socialist combat units PYD promotion in North-West Syria, in particular, to the West of the river Euphrates to the cities of Abu has Kalkal, Mumbach, Jerablus. On Monday, 1 February 2016, according to the Turkish governmental news Agency «Anadolu».

Recently PYD is trying to move in two directions lines Eases-Jerablus in Northern Aleppo province. Thanks to air support from the coalition forces led by the United States, the Kurds forced the supporters of the terrorist organization «ISIS» to take positions in the village of Siren in the South of the province of Aleppo, opening the way to the banks of the Euphrates.

The main strategic goal of the Kurds and Russians in this case is Jerablus, located on the border with Turkey.

On 27 December, following the strike of the American aviation forces intercepted PYD «ISIS» control over tishrin dam on the Euphrates river and approached Abu has Kalkal. However, faced with strong resistance to ISIS, they were forced to reconsider the future plans of attack on the area of Mumbi and wait for air support.

In response to the warnings to the U.S. by the Syrian opposition and Turkey to support PYD from the air was discontinued, and then the command of the Kurds appealed for help to Russia. «And, as it turned out, not in vain», — stated in the message.

According to Turkish journalists, citing local sources, on 1 February the Russian bombers began to strike at the area of Mumbi and the dam of tishrin.

In recent weeks representatives of the PYD groups are conducting intensive negotiations with Russia to obtain support from the air.
PYD demanded Russia to fulfill the promise of «full support», announced on 12 December 2015, during the meeting, the press Secretary of this group aldara Khalil with representatives of Russia Hamim at the airbase in the Syrian province of Latakia.

In particular, this assistance was intended to deal with the seizure of territories West of the Euphrates.

PYD sources say that on January 16 a Russian delegation visited the PYD fighters with the aim of exploring and supporting the allied forces. During the meeting, the Russian side demanded that the PYD forces to create 30 km South of al-Qamishli military unit controlled by the regime of Bashar al-Assad.

Five days later the representatives of the Russian intelligence service visited the area to strengthen the coordination between the PYD and Asatiani,and inspected work progress at the airport of the town of al-Qamishli.

It is reported that in al-Qamishli has already deployed about a hundred Russian soldiers, who in October last year are in the area of tel Abyad.

It is known that the Russian side insists on the recognition of the legitimacy of the Assad regime from the PYD.

Al-Qamishli is the largest city in the province of Hassakeh and is located three kilometers from the Turkish province Mardin. A quarter of the territory of the city is under the control of asadito, the rest is under the authority of the PYD.

According to the Turkish side, the extension of the zone of influence of the Kurds along the border with the Republic of Turkey can be used by the Russian authorities with the aim of further military-political provocation and aggravation of the already extremely tense bilateral relations, the situation of an armed conflict.

On 31 January the representative of the influential Pro-presidential propagandistico pool, chief editor of radio station «Moscow speaking» Sergei Dorenko said that the Russian Federation «enters into war with Turca,» which he considers «inevitable».

According to the evaluation of senior researcher of the analytical center Atlantic Council (USA) Aaron matte, the Kurds actually abandon their agreements with the international coalition and the United States, according to which they had been given a leading role to clean up from the «is» of the city of raqqa, and focus on the improvement of their future state formations near the border with Turkey, which is also very heavily armed Kurdish underground.

We will remind, the representative of the Russian President for the Middle East and Africa Mikhail Bogdanov met in Paris with the co-chair of the PYD Salih Muslim. In addition, on October 21, Bogdanov adopted in Moscow the other co-chair of the PYD — an Asya Osman and a group of representatives of organizations from the region of Coban.

The purpose of their visit was the opening of a representative office in Moscow PYD.

Already on October 23, Vladimir Putin said that the PYD and the Assad regime must join forces and urged the organization to fight against the «is» in the armed forces of the Assad regime.

Since the end of November last year, the PYD started to get massive air support to advance on-line Azaz-Jerablus in Northern Syria, where he planned the creation of a security zone. The Russian space forces provided air support to the forces of PYD in Afrin to promotion of the settlement Azaza.

Turkish authorities fear that the official podderjka Kurds from the Kremlin will result in the emergence of an independent Kurdistan in the North-West of present Syria with a consequent sharp increase in subversive activities of groups of Kurds on Turkish sovereign territory.

80-million to the Republic of Turkey’s ethnic Kurds make up a quarter of the population.

Russian air force to help Kurds seize Northwest Siiii. Dorenko called the war with Turkey «inevitable» 02.02.2016

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