Russia was suspected of trying to influence the Nobel Committee

The Norwegian intelligence service suspected Russia of trying to influence the decision of the Nobel Committee, reports NRK.

It happened after a meeting with Russian diplomats, which discussed the emergence of fake letters with a discussion of the possible awarding of the Nobel peace prize for the year 2015 President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko. In the Russian diplomatic mission, the fact of the meeting confirmed, but accused the Norwegian security forces in paranoia, calling it a «routine visit».

Director of the Norwegian Nobel Committee , the Olav Njolstad told NRK that in the summer of 2015 for a meeting with him came two representatives of the Russian Embassy. According to him, during the visit among others were discussed which appeared a couple of weeks before this information about the fake letter about the peace prize to Poroshenko. In a letter circulated on websites, supports the Donbas militants, said that the Ukrainian authorities allegedly sent the head of the us diplomatic mission in Oslo a letter of joint pressure on the Nobel Committee to achieve the award of the peace prize of the Ukrainian leader.

Njolstad said that in the time of the meeting already suspected that the letter was fake, and asked about it the Russian diplomats. They replied that I don’t know if it is true, says the Director of the Committee.

Njolstad after the meeting wondered whether she was trying to influence, and contacted the police security Service, which among other things deals with the struggle against espionage.

The head of the counterintelligence Department of the security Service Arne Christian Haugsdal said that one of those who visited the Nobel Committee of the Russian diplomats was an employee of the Russian intelligence: «In our assessment, it was an operation of exerting influence… We see that fake news and the fake letter was used to discredit a potential candidate for the peace prize. We believe that in this case the aim was to ensure that Poroshenko was not a candidate for the Nobel peace prize».

In the Russian Embassy said that such visits — daily diplomatic work, and attempts to present it as «the actions of the Russian intelligence» called «paranoid».

The diplomatic mission pointed out that the meeting of diplomats with the staff of the Nobel Committee occur from time to time, given the huge interest of the world to the peace prize. Moreover, at the December ceremony invite all accredited in Oslo ambassadors. In addition, Njolstad only took the post (1 January 2015) and pay him a courtesy visit — the usual diplomatic practice continued in the Russian Embassy.

Russian diplomats also expressed regret that such «spy game» involved a state structure designed to deal with real threats such as international terrorism, and state TV and radio company: «the Demonization of Russia is intended to justify the granting of the special services additional powers to intervene in the private lives of citizens.»

Note, the Nobel peace prize in 2016, was elected President of Colombia Juan Santos.

Russia was suspected of trying to influence the Nobel Committee 28.01.2017

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