Russia was concealed from the UN more than half of military spending

By the end of 2016, Russia was concealed from the UN more than half their military expenditures due to the significant growth of the share of the secret articles of the budget in total spending, according to the RBC.

It noted that the country reports data in the standardized reporting system of the UN since the mid 1990-ies. Information is preparing a number of agencies, then the Ministry of Finance and brings them together through the foreign Ministry send to the United Nations. These data are published in the database of the UN office for disarmament Affairs – UNODA. Technique UN calls for full disclosure of expenditure, but this is not happening. While Russia regularly, albeit with delays, the UN reports. Thanks to this base UNODA provides information on the spending on defence in Russia for more than 20 years.

In 2016, the UN report was recorded by the Russian defense spending at 2.1 trillion rubles (about $36 billion) – 29% less than in 2015, when Russia announced the spending of $ 2.9 trillion.

RBC has noticed that in 2015 data UNODA roughly corresponded to the expenditures of the Federal budget under section «national defense». In the current year, submitted to the UN estimate 83% or 1.7 trillion rubles (around $29.1 billion) dispersed with a specified budget figure 3.8 trillion.

Head of military economy laboratory of the Gaidar Institute Vasily Zatsepin of the UN calculated that the total military spending of the Russian budget in 2016 amounted to 4.93 trillion rubles or 5.7% of GDP. This amount includes expenditures under section «national defense» spending on the maintenance of military and security forces, which are specified in other sections. Stockholm Institute for peace studies (SIPRI) has estimated Russian military expenditure in 2016 to 4.64 trillion rubles.

Thus, the presented Russia in UNODA information can be underestimated by more than two times. The source of RBC explained this discrepancy by the increase of expenses in a secret part of the budget. The Gaidar Institute estimate that in 2016 closed articles it has been almost 22% of the budget, which is the maximum for post-Soviet time. In the section «national defense» was classified more than 70% of the costs.

RBC has paid attention that the declared expenditure 2016 Navy decreased 4.4 times, and in the air force – 4.8 times. The cost of the personnel of the armed forces and the paramilitary organizations rose more than doubled (to 1.2 trillion rubles), and the costs of procurement and construction fell in four. Experts attribute this to the redistribution of resources in tight budget.

In the draft budget for 2017 under section «national defense» includes appropriations in the amount of 2.87 trillion rubles as compared to 3.78 trillion in 2016.

Russia was concealed from the UN more than half of military spending 30.08.2017

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