Russia responded to the «Magnitsky list»

The Russian foreign Ministry announced the publication of the list of five American citizens in response to expansion of US Magnitsky list.

«We publish a list of five figures of American «law enforcement» system, which in response to anti-Russian line of Washington denied entry to Russia», — stated in the message Department.

An entry ban imposed on former Minister of justice Alberto Gonzales, former Deputy Minister of defense for political Affairs, Douglas Feith, the former General counsel of the CIA John Rizzo, former Deputy Minister of justice Jay Bybee , and former chief counsel of the U.S. Department of defense William Haynes.

It is noted that the entry to Russia is closed «on the basis of the Federal law №272 «On measures of influence on persons involved in violation of fundamental rights and freedoms, the rights and freedoms of citizens of the Russian Federation».

On 1 February, the U.S. added five more people in the so-called «Magnitsky list», which defines sanctions against Russian officials. In the updated list, which was announced by the Ministry of Finance of the USA, now 39 publicly announced; and is the non-public part of the list.

The Magnitsky list contains the list of Russian officials associated with the case of «Hermitage Capital Management» and death of Russian lawyer Sergei Magnitskywho died in prison. The individuals involved in it, are denied entry into the USA, additionally, they imposed sanctions of an economic nature.

Russia responded to the «Magnitsky list» 03.02.2016

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