Russia loans saves the Maduro government in Venezuela – Reuters

To prevent the economic crisis in Venezuela and the threat of street protests, led by President Nicolas Maduro, the government takes out loans from Russia. This is with reference to sources in political and economic circles of Venezuela according to Reuters.

In return, Moscow gets access to rich deposits of crude oil.

According to the Agency, since the beginning of secret negotiations between the state oil company of Venezuela Petroleos de Venezuela «Rosneft». Cash, Russian companies have helped Maduro in the prevention of default or political upheaval.

Reuters calculated that since 2006 the Russian authorities and the company «Rosneft» has transferred to Caracas $17 billion of loans. Official data about this Venezuela does not publish.

Previously a lot of credit repayable with oil gave Venezuela China (about $60 billion from 2007 to 2014), but reduced the amount because of the corruption of the partners and the fall in oil prices. After that Caracas became friendly with Moscow.

April in Venezuela, held mass protests against Maduro and amendments to the Constitution, the victims were more than 100 people.

30 July in Venezuela passed a vote of delegates to the constitutional Assembly, which, according to the plan, Maduro should amend the basic law in force since 1999. On July 31, the President said that the government won the elections for the constitutional Assembly.

In connection with the elections to the Assembly, the United States imposed sanctions against Maduro. The EU has said that countries – members of the organization may not recognize a constitutional Assembly in Venezuela, and believe that the elections have exacerbated the crisis in the country.

August 8, the constitutional Assembly of Venezuela proclaimed itself the highest authority in the country, which is above all its branches, including the opposition controlled Parliament.

The US President Donald trump said that does not rule out the»military option» in Venezuela, if need be.

The Minister of defense of Venezuela Vladimir Padrino said these words of the President of the USA «mad».

Russia loans saves the Maduro government in Venezuela – Reuters 14.08.2017

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