Russia lifted economic forum Croatia

Russian Ambassador in Croatia Anvar Azimov has confirmed the cancellation of the Russian-Croatian economic forum. It is reported «European true» with reference to the edition Total Croatia News.

«I have a very difficult task. I love Croatia, and I have great respect for Croatia. However, I am deeply concerned about the future of the Croatian-Russian relations. My goal as Ambassador is to minimize any consequences, » Azimov said.

«For anybody not a secret that trade in goods with Croatia fell by almost 50 percent. It’s a disaster. In the first place, suffer the Croatian exporters and farmers. Croatian-Russian economic forum was held in November,» he said.

«However, Russian entrepreneurs are very Patriotic. They do not support the sanctions regime. They do not agree with the fact that Croatia supports these sanctions. That is why Russian entrepreneurs were not interested to come to Croatia. And this is the reason why the Croatian-Russian economic forum did not take place,» continued the Ambassador.

Asimov also mentioned about the visit of the Prime Minister of Croatia, Andrei Plenkovich in Kiev.

«First of all Plenkovich expressed the EU’s position in relation to the Crimea and Donbas, but I have to say that there are at least 10 countries in the European Union which do not focus on the occupation of the Crimea and Donbas,» he said.

Earlier it was reported that Croatia in the framework of the revitalization of relations with Ukraine is ready to share with Ukraine experience harmoniseerimine legislation with European Union standards, as well as the reintegration of the occupied territories.

The Russian foreign Ministry has already said that concerned about the establishment of the government of Croatia working group on cooperation with Ukraine, in a range of tasks which it is supposed to enable the transfer of Croatian experience, «peaceful reintegration of the occupied territories».

Russia lifted economic forum Croatia 29.11.2016

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