Russia is going to recover from the Crimean debts to Ukrainian banks to replenish the Federal budget

The members of the state Duma Committee on financial markets , Boris Kashin and Marina Mukabenova introduced in the lower house of Parliament a bill that limits the share of debt payments of residents of the annexed Ukrainian Crimea and Sevastopol, which will go to debt holders.

According to the document, the remaining part of the debt can go to the Federal budget of the Russian Federation, reports Russian «Interfax». The document is published in electronic base of documents of the state Duma.

Amendments have been proposed to adopted at the end of December 2015, the law on special order of repayment of debts of inhabitants of the Crimea and Sevastopol before the Ukrainian credit institutions that ceased operations in Crimea. The law establishes that borrowers pay their debts to the persons entitled to demand repayment of debt.

Russian MPs propose to set an additional condition for a legal entity entitled to bring a claim of repayment of debt. Such persons will not only have to provide evidence of the acquisition of rights requirements, and should reflect the actual cost of these rights.

The act applies to the debt of individuals and individual entrepreneurs to banks in respect of which the national Bank of Ukraine adopted a decision to terminate their activities on the territory of Crimea and Sevastopol.

Under current law, paid by the citizens in the repayment of the debt funds are accounted for in a separate Bank account, open the «depositor protection Fund» (a subsidiary of the Agency for Deposit insurance in the Russian Federation). The draft law establishes an exhaustive list of the purposes of debiting the funds from this account. The amendments provide the opportunity to allocate these funds to the holders of the rights in an amount not exceeding the actual cost of purchased receivables, increased by 25%. The remaining amount of funds deposited by borrowers, may be directed to the Federal budget.

Current law also provides that the debtor shall have the right to appeal to the «Fund for the protection of depositors,» a statement on the deferment of debt repayments.

Made by deputies of the draft law specifies that the repayment period in this case cannot be set earlier of the initial date of repayment, and may not be later than 36 months from the original date.

It is not clear whether to apply these innovations to the «top» of the annexed Crimea. Recall that the head of the illegitimate Crimean Parliament Vladimir Konstantinov, who is one of the largest commercial developers on the Peninsula, permanently from returning to Ukrainian banks fantastic amounts of loan obligations, which have earned in the business community the nickname of «Debtor». As suggested by political scientists, it cannot be excluded that these circumstances had a decisive influence on the decisions ahead to support the Russian annexation of the Ukrainian Autonomous Republic of Crimea (ARC) in the spring of 2014. So, the promise to write off debts to Ukrainian banks was one of the slogans of the separatists, whom the luring of the opposition to illegal «referendum».

Here’s also hard not to recall the words of the Prime Minister of the Russian Federation Dmitry Medvedev, in the framework of the annual government’s report in April of 2015 announced that «if external pressures will intensify, oil prices will remain at extremely low levels for a long time — we have to develop in a different economic reality.» The head of the Russian government transferred responsibility for the annexation of the Crimea all over the country, stressing that it’s a responsible decision «we all: a country, government, Parliament». It is noteworthy that according to the degree of responsibility of the government and the state Duma go after «the country as a whole».

As reported, may 6, August 2014 national Bank of Ukraine ordered banks to suspend all kinds of financial operations in the Crimea , in connection with which the bankers have closed their units in the autonomy and transferred customers to the mainland of Ukraine. The Deposit guarantee Fund (DGF) has promised to ensure the payment of guaranteed compensations to depositors of insolvent banks, which live on the territory of the Autonomous Republic of Crimea and city of Sevastopol. For payments to depositors should provide the original passport of citizen of Ukraine, the document identification number and a personal Declaration of absence of citizenship of the state-occupier. If it was a solvent Bank, the customers who did not refuse Ukrainian citizenship, can continue their relationship with the establishment on the territory of mainland Ukraine.

Russia is going to recover from the Crimean debts to Ukrainian banks to replenish the Federal budget 11.02.2016

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