Russia is developing weapons against satellites, according to the Pentagon

Russia is developing weapons designed to destroy satellites in space, including laser weapons that concern the United States. As reported the press service of the Pentagon, said the head of the Strategic command of the armed forces of the United States (STRATCOM), air force General John Khayten.

«We should keep bad behavior in space and to prevent conflicts in outer space,» said Khayten, speaking this week at Stanford University (California). Among the main opponents of the U.S. General said China and Russia, which, according to him, create military systems for placing into earth orbit and means for their application from the Ground.

Russia, which has developed a weapon to destroy satellites in 1980-ies, at the present time continues creating such weapons, including lasers for use in space and other ways that can threaten U.S. satellites, said the head of STRATCOM. He noted that the use of such weapons may lead to the emergence of a large number of debris in orbit that will impede access to space.

In turn, China, the General also continues to test its defense systems for several orbits.

«In the near future they (China and Russia. — ed) will be able to use these capabilities to threaten any machine that we have in space. We must prevent this, and the best way to stop the war is to be ready for it. The United States intends to do that, we’re going to make sure that everyone is aware of our readiness to confront the threat,» added John Khayten.

We will remind, in may 2016, the Washington Post reported that the Pentagon believe that Russia and China are building the capacity that will allow them to attack US in space. Then the representatives of the Ministry of defense said that the US military satellites can be subject to attacks, as Russia and China have created technology that can destroy military infrastructure in space.

It was reported that the Pentagon focused on developing technology to defend satellites and track the actions of potential adversaries. The United States also are working on launching devices of reduced size that are more difficult to destroy.

In Moscow, commenting on these statements, said that the publication does not have a real reason. The head of the Duma Committee on defense Vladimir Komoedov has called the reports «another bluff on the part of the United States», Recalling that the States have «cosmic group» — 450 vehicles placed on different orbits. Thus, the US monitors the entire globe, the MP summed up.

Russia is developing weapons against satellites, according to the Pentagon 27.01.2017

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