Russia is about to lose in Syria, predicted the head of the Pentagon

The Pentagon chief Ashton Carter said that Russia would soon suffer its first casualties in Syria.

He said this, speaking at a press conference in the headquarters of NATO in Brussels, transfers «RBC-Ukraine».

«I expect that in the next few days the Russians will start to lose in Syria,» said Carter.

In addition, the head of the Pentagon admitted the possibility of attack by extremists in Russia itself.

«Instead of taking part in the political transition process in Syria that is necessary in this long-troubled country, Russia has decided to redouble its support for Assad. They said that they will fight with ISIS, «dzhebhat EN-Nusra» and other extremist groups, but began to strike at the groups that they are not. Russia has said one thing and did another, as she often does,» said Carter.

Because of these actions the civil war only further inflame, Carter said.

«We will not agree to cooperate with Russia while it continues to insist on this mistaken strategy,» said Carter.

The incursion of Russian aircraft into the airspace of Turkey Carter said unprofessional actions.

The U.S., according to the Minister of national defense, will continue to strike blows to positions of fighters in Syria, support the moderate opposition, but also will continue negotiations with Russia to ensure the security of coalition forces and leave an opportunity for Russia to join the search for a transitional solution for Syria.

As reported, in Syria in Aleppo city held demonstrations in protest against Russian bombing of the Syrian cities, which led to the deaths of hundreds of children.

The Russian leadership insists that the strikes on the positions of the Islamic state, however, there is much evidence that actually Russia is bombing the opposition, which is supported and armed by the USA, as well as civilians.

Recall that the U.S. is not going to cooperate with Russia on military operations in Syria as long as Moscow does not change its strategy.

Russia is about to lose in Syria, predicted the head of the Pentagon 08.10.2015

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