Russia in spite of the statements of Putin increases military presence in Syria — media

Russia increases its military presence in Syria despite announcements to the contrary, informs television channel Fox News, citing two us officials.

According to them, earlier in the week, Russia has deployed in Syria four additional assault aircraft su-25. They joined the group of Russian troops stationed at the airbase «Hamim». According to one source, on the way to Syria, the aircraft stopped to refuel in Iran.

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Sources said that the aircraft arrived in Syria on Monday, 9 January. One of the sides of the channel also said that Syria came a group of Russian contract soldiers, including fighters from Chechnya, but to call specific numbers declined.

At the end of last year the President of Russia Vladimir Putin announced that Russia will reduce its military presence in Syria. The announcement was made after it became known about the achievement of the ceasefire agreement between the warring parties of the Syrian conflict.

«(Russian) said that they (troops from Syria), but we have not seen any evidence of this. On the contrary, we see new forces arrive (in the region),» the Fox News quoted the words of one of the American officials.

The Telegraph reports that Syria violated the truce, in particular in Damascus happen, the shelling of residential areas.

«Fighting between the Syrian army and rebels continues in Damascus despite the agreement on cease-fire of December 30,» — said in the message.

Syrian government media have published footage of fire rocket launchers and mortars of residential areas of the Syrian capital.

On media reports promptly responded the Russian defense Ministry. In the Department information about the strengthening of Russian military presence in Syria has denied, calling the reports «duck», reports «Interfax».

«In accordance with the instructions of the Supreme Commander of the armed forces the Ministry of defence of the Russian Federation has been implementing measures for the reduction of Russian forces in the Syrian Arab Republic», — said the official representative of the defense Ministry major-General Igor Konashenkov. He called reports by some Western media that Russia is increasing its military presence in Syria, «no more than primitive propaganda duck».

Note, 6 January, the Russian General staff urged that the grouping of the Russian Armed forces in Syria began to decline, first to leave the aircraft carrier «Admiral Kuznetsov», the cruiser «Peter the Great» and their accompanying ships.

Pervye Putin announced the withdrawal of troops from Syria in March 2016, but the United States did not see the signs of Russia’s preparations for withdrawing troops from Syria. The experts of Stratfor have confirmed that the bulk of the forces are not ready to ship and is likely to remain in the country.

Russia in spite of the statements of Putin increases military presence in Syria — media 12.01.2017

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