Russia has leased the Tartus Syrian naval base for 49 years

Russia has agreed with Syria on the lease of a naval base in Tartus for 49 years.

According to the document published on the website of legal information of the Russian Federation, the agreement may be extended for another 25 years in the case of mutual willingness to renew.

The contract provides for the placement of a maximum of eleven ships, including military ships with nuclear power unit, «subject to nuclear and environmental safety».

Now in Tartus operates item logistics of the Russian Navy. Syria had provided it to the Soviet Union in 1977 in accordance with the agreement of 1971.

In Tartus is a 720-point logistics Russian ships (e & p). Syria gave it to Russia in 1977 in accordance with the agreement of 1971. In 1990-e years it existed in an abbreviated form. The item in the store is the only reference point of the Russian Navy in the Mediterranean sea and carries out its tasks in accordance with the purpose. Service point in Tartus deals exclusively with civilian personnel.

In the defense Ministry are considering the possibility of returning the military bases to the countries where they were situated during the Soviet Union, such as Vietnam and Cuba.

Note, 7 October 2016, the state Duma of Russia ratified the agreement between Moscow and the Syrian authorities on the indefinite presence of the Russian air group in the Syrian territory. According to the agreement, the Syrian side makes no claims of Russia, its air force and its personnel, and does not excite them against any claims in connection with the activities of the Russian aviation group and its personnel.

The Kremlin considers this the best response to the refusal of the United States from further negotiations with Russia on Syria after a truce agreed by Moscow and Washington, was disturbed by the shelling of the column of the humanitarian convoy to Syria – then the States accused in the incident of the Russian military and has suspended contacts with Russia on Syria, not excluding the introduction of new sanctions. In turn, Russia has deployed air defense system in Syria, has threatened to shoot down U.S. missiles and boasted testing of the newest X-101.

Russia has leased the Tartus Syrian naval base for 49 years 20.01.2017

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