Russia has deployed to Crimea missile system s-300VM

Residents of Kerch on November 29 saw a column of military vehicles in the city, which, among other things, discovered anti-aircraft missile system s-300VM «Antey-2500». This is with reference to published online video.

Volunteers of the international intelligence community InformNapalm identified among the techniques of anti-aircraft missile of complexs-300VM «Antey-2500» (GRAU index — 9К81М). This air defense system with the ability to counter ballistic missiles of small-and medium-range (2500 km).

Also sistemarentzako to defeat modern and promising aircraft tactical and strategic aircraft (including those made with application of technology «Stealth»), ballistic medium-range missiles, operational-tactical and tactical missiles, aeroballistic and cruise missiles.

Recall, according to Ukrainian intelligence, in the Crimea there are about 24 thousand Russian soldiers. Also on the Peninsula contain carriers of tactical nuclear weapons.

Russia has deployed to Crimea missile system s-300VM 30.11.2016

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