Russia has again blocked a UN resolution on a truce in Aleppo

The delegation of the Russian Federation and China blocked the draft resolution of the UN Security Council on the cessation during weeks of fighting in the Syrian city of Aleppo to deliver humanitarian aid. About this informed the press-Secretary of the Permanent mission of Ukraine to the UN Oleg Nikolenko, reports UKRINFORM.

China asked Britain to «not to poison the atmosphere» in the UN security Council

«Russia and China vetoed a draft resolution that had been prepared by the delegations of Egypt, New Zealand and Spain,» said Olga Nicolenco.

The draft resolution, he said, «it was intended to stop bombing Aleppo for seven days in order to create the conditions for the delivery of humanitarian assistance to the affected population in the region.» In addition, the document called for a cease-fire throughout Syria, and to restore the political process to resolve the situation in the country.

«Eleven members of the Security Council, including Ukraine, voted in favour of the resolution. Russia and China — as permanent members of the security Council with veto power, and Venezuela as non-permanent member voted against the delegation of Angola abstained» — said the Ukrainian diplomat.

He noted that during the meeting the Permanent representative of Ukraine to the United Nations Volodymyr Yelchenko has acted with sharp criticism of actions of the Russian side. He, in particular, noted that Russia and the Syrian regime, which it supports, bombing the civilian population under the guise of fighting terrorism. In addition, the Ukrainian Ambassador compared the situation around Aleppo with what Russia is doing in Eastern Ukraine.

«Russia uses in Donbas by the same methods as in Syria — first to wage aggression, and then trying to become a mediator,» — said Yelchenko.

China asked Britain to «not to poison the atmosphere» in the UN security Council

The British permanent representative to the UN Matthew Rycroft at the meeting of the security Council criticized the position of Russia and China, who blocked a resolution on a ceasefire in Aleppo, Syria. According to him, China was on the side of the Russian Federation, «which is a party to the conflict» for political reasons, writes

A similar statement was met with outrage from the delegations of China, reports «Interfax». Her representative, Liu Jieyi, in particular, asked what right the United Kingdom to distort the position of other countries.

«The Security Council is the sovereign forum and here it is impossible to make countless attacks on the positions of other countries. A constructive approach based on the principles of the UN Charter is the minimum that is required of each and every member States,» — said the Chinese diplomat.

He also asked the representative of the United Kingdom «stop trying to poison the atmosphere» in the UN security Council and «to abuse the rules of the Council.»

Rycroft, commenting on the failure of the resolution on Aleppo, said that China «vetoed not because the document is not sufficiently discussed, they still believe in this tyrant, which destroyed more than half a million people who is willing to turn Syria into ruins».

According to the Center monitoring, November 15, when the Syrian army launched an offensive on controlled 2012 rebel areas of Eastern Aleppo were killed 319 civil, 44 of the child. In the Western part of the city killed 69 civilians, among them 28 children. More than 50 thousand people fled from Aleppo.

We will remind that on November 30, the Deputy UN Secretary-General for humanitarian Affairs Stephen O’brien , said that Aleppo could become a «vast cemetery» if you don’t take appropriate measures.

Russia has again blocked a UN resolution on a truce in Aleppo 06.12.2016

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