Russia did not let the mayor of the Japanese city of Nemuro on the Kuril Islands – media

Russia denied access to the southern Kuril Islands to the mayor of the Japanese city of Nemuro Shunsuke the Hasegawa, The Japan Times reports, citing sources.

The reason for the refusal was the fact that Japan imposed sanctions against Russia because of its aggression in Ukraine, and in response, Russia denied the Japanese the mayor’s visit to the Kuril Islands.

According to interlocutors of Agency, Hasegawa had planned to take part in the work of the delegation in early July, but was notified by the Russian foreign Ministry the day before departure that you will not be able to participate.

Officially, the Russian foreign Ministry did not name the reasons for which the mayor Hasegawa cannot be a member of the delegation, while a senior Japanese official told the Agency that «the mayor Hasegawa was subjected to an act of punishment.»

In March 2014, Tokyo in connection with the situation in Ukraine has suspended consultations with Moscow on easing the visa regime. Later Japan announced that it would not issue visas to 23 Russians, including the state figures. In response, the Japanese Ambassador in Moscow was handed a list of citizens of his country, for whom entry to Russia is now closed. The list of names was not published.

In November 2016, Russia has placed on the Islands Iturup and Kunashir missile complexes “Bastion” and ”Ball”. Then Japan also expressed their protest, and Prime Minister Shinzo Abe reiterated that the South Kuril Islands – Japanese territory.

The affiliation of the four South Kuril Islands Japan disputes since the end of world war II, when they joined the Union, and calls them by their Northern territories. Due to this dispute between Russia and Japan still have not signed a postwar peace Treaty.

Russia did not let the mayor of the Japanese city of Nemuro on the Kuril Islands – media 17.07.2017

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