Russia bombed a village in Syria’s Aleppo: 15 killed, 22 wounded. Putin’s army is accused of ethnic cleansing

Bombers Military space forces (VKS) Russia on Wednesday, 10 February 2016, attacked two villages in the tel Rifat in the North Syrian province of Aleppo. 15 people died, 22 were wounded. According to information received from representatives of the Civil defence of Syria, the bombing had been the village of Kafr Kafr Kalbin and under the control of antisodomy moderate opposition, reports the AA.

The civil defence force from the rubble of houses in an attempt to save the wounded and retrieve the dead bodies.

A representative of the local Committee of the district of tel Rifat Hussein Abu Mahmoud said that the number of Russian air force raids on local villages has exceeded 20.

«The Russians carried out a policy of ethnic cleansing. They are trying, by bombing, to force the inhabitants of the villages controlled by the opposition, to leave their homes. In this case, ATT Russia bombed only the position of the opposition forces in order to assist in the promotion of terrorist groups ISIL and the PYD (the militias of the Kurds — ed) in the district of Azez», — he noted.

Abu Mahmoud explained that the blows of the Russian space forces have already been settlements anadan, Bayanan, Kafr Hamra, tel Rifat, Minnig, as well as areas near Aziza. «The Russians seek to assist PYD forces to move from West to East,» he comments.

«According to the Embassy of Ukraine in Syria, in Aleppo there are about 11 citizens of Ukraine. Establish the direct link to rescue in case of need», — informs the official Twitter of the Agency.

Charge d’affaires of Ukraine in Syria Vladimir Digora reported that communication has been established with the head of mission of the International Committee of the red cross. The parties agreed to work together to save the Ukrainian citizens.

On 9 February, the Prime Minister of Turkey Ahmet Davutoglu made a statement, according to which he does not exclude the intervention of Turkey in a military conflict on the territory of Syria, even if Russia does not soon unlocks taken siege of the city of Aleppo. In addition, the Turkish side demands from the Russian and asadito to release deliberately blocked them in the interests of the Kurds the humanitarian corridor from Turkey to Allepo.

Russia bombed a village in Syria’s Aleppo: 15 killed, 22 wounded. Putin’s army is accused of ethnic cleansing 11.02.2016

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