Russia allowed all trains to bypass Ukraine from December 11 — Russian Railways

From 11 December all Russian passenger long-distance trains will go bypassing Ukraine. On 6 December, stated to journalists on the sidelines of the forum «Transport of Russia» Director of the Russian Railways (RZD) passenger transportation Dmitry Pegov, reports «RIA Novosti».

According to him, some trains already walking a detour route.

Pegov added that the transition period will last from 10 to 11 December.

The railroad began to build on the zhuravka – Millerovo in the Rostov and Kaliningrad regions in 2014. Construction work was completed in August 2017, said the «Russian Railways». September 20 the Railways has launched regular freight train traffic on the line zhuravka – Millerovo.

«The new iron road length of 137 km passes through the territory of the Voronezh and Rostov regions. The road is electrified, double-track throughout; it was built seven new train stations… Final commissioning and opening of passenger trains on the line is scheduled for late fall of 2017,» – said the Russian Railways.

Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev by the decree of September 18, 2016 No. 1832-R approved the proposed by the Ministry of transport of the Russian Federation changes in the sphere of Federal transport, in particular the construction of a new railway section zhuravka – Millerovo, which will allow trains from the Northern and Central regions of Russia to the South, bypassing Ukraine via Voronezh and Rostov region. Sokolov said that put into operation the railway will provide Russia’s «independence from the border of neighboring Ukraine».

The former head of Ukrzaliznytsia Oleksandr zavhorodniy said that the railroad built in Russia to bypass Ukraine, will not bring damage to the Ukrainian railway company. According to him, the branch, in question, took place on the border between the two countries ever since 1991 was not in service «ukrzal_znits .». The land along with the property was leased to the Railways for 49 years.

Russia allowed all trains to bypass Ukraine from December 11 — Russian Railways 07.12.2017

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